Importance of Corporate Dressing

Corporate dressing refers to the art of dressing formally and correctly. Corporate dressing helps an individual to dress according to his work profile and organization culture. Formal dressing, if done correctly goes a long way in shaping one’s personality.

People take you seriously if you are dressed sensibly. Remember no one likes to speak to an individual who does not know how to carry himself/herself. Going to work in formals helps you create an image of yours. Dressing correctly helps you stand apart from the rest and be a role model for others.

Let us go through the importance of corporate dressing:

Dressing formally not only reflects your image but also the organization you represent. You need to follow a proper dress code at the workplace. An individual just can’t afford to be casually dressed for important business meetings or presentations. Remember, you are not only presenting yourself but your organization. An individual who looks presentable is liked and appreciated by all. Someone who is formally and sensibly dressed does not have to try too hard to impress a client.

Paul was a marketing professional who had to deliver a presentation on his organization’s new offerings at one of his client’s office. He never really bothered about his dressing. He wore a worn out jeans teamed with a T Shirt along with chunky bracelets and earrings. He even forgot to polish his shoes.

Paul was denied entry to the office. The lady sitting at the reception refused to let him go inside the board room and meet the senior officials.

Do you think the receptionist was at fault? Absolutely NO

This is really not how one should be dressed for business meetings. No one will tell you what you have to wear to work daily. Do not step out of home unless you see yourself in the mirror.

Corporate dressing helps you develop a magnetic personality which attracts other individuals. You need to have that charisma and dressing formally helps you in the same.

Corporate dressing helps you inculcate a good and healthy culture at the workplace. Individuals tend to lose interest in their work if they are not formally dressed. Believe me, you really don’t feel like working if you are dressed in T-shirt and jeans on a Monday. Avoid wearing T-shirts, ripped jeans, sneakers, hats, chunky jewellery to work. (Weekends are an exception!).

T-shirts, torn jeans, multiple chains are a strict no no in corporate settings as they spoil the decorum of the organization. Female employees should avoid wearing chandelier earrings, stacks of bangles and so on. There is absolutely no need of flaunting your gold jewellery at workplace.

Remember, price has nothing to do with corporate dressing. You really don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket to buy designer business suits. Dress sensibly. Corporate dressing helps you flaunt your simple, clean yet elegant look.

Corporate dressing helps you create that first impression. Remember, first impressions are important and they help you throughout your life. If you fail to impress someone in the first meeting, you will never get a second chance.

Formal dressing makes you feel confident at work. You get that energy and confidence, the moment you wear your crisp white shirt along with a black well fit trouser. Dress code makes an individual disciplined and inculcates a sense of team spirit among employees.

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