Interpersonal Relationship Development

A strong association between individuals with similar interests and mindsets is called as interpersonal relationship. No one on this earth can ever stay alone and it is really important for people to have trustworthy friends around.

Interpersonal Relationship Development

Every relationship needs time to grow. One needs time to come really close to someone and trust him/her. Miracles do not happen in a single day. One needs to be patient enough to understand the other person for the relationship to grow and reach to the next level.

Various models have been proposed in the field of interpersonal relationship development. All the models suggest how relationship grows between friends, partners, couples, colleagues and so on.

Let us go through the models one by one:

Knapp’s Relationship Escalation Model

According to Knapp’s relationship escalation model, every relationship goes through the following stages:

Every relationship begins with a stage where two individuals not knowing each other before meet and instantly get attracted towards each other. In this stage, both the participants try their level best to create an everlasting first impression on the other person. Individuals show their best side to mark the beginning of a relationship. In this stage physical appearance, grooming, manners, etiquette play an essential role as individuals do not know each other much.

In the second stage individuals try to know each other more. They share their likes and dislikes and also try to find out about the other person’s interests. This stage is characterized by extensive meetings and phone calls so that individuals get to check their compatibility level.

Case 1 - Individuals are not compatible with each other.

Result - Individuals do not take the relationship forward and decide to end it for a better future.

Case - 2 Individuals are compatible with each other

Result - Individuals decide to continue the relationship

In the third stage, individuals make regular efforts to strengthen their relationship. People make commitments and prepare themselves for a long term relationship.

The fourth stage begins when individuals in a relationship start doing things together. They are often seen together shopping, dining, going for movies and so on.

When individuals are really sure about their relationship, they decide to stay together for ever. Individuals enter the wedlock in the fifth stage.

What is important for relationship Development ?

  • Effective communication between partners - It is important for individuals to stay in touch on a regular basis.
  • Trust
  • Care
  • Loyalty
  • Understanding
  • Respect for each other

A relationship does not survive if any of the above is missing.

Knapp’s Relationship Termination Model

A relationship ends when individuals do not communicate with each other effectively. Misunderstandings and confusions arise leading to unnecessary conflicts.

Remember there is no place for ego and jealousy in relationships. One needs to be forgiving for the relationship to grow. The stagnating stage is often characterized by individuals avoiding each other and not interacting much.

Individuals are no longer interested in each other and physical intimacy also decreases. People decide to move on from the relationship and opt for mutual separation.

Duck’s Relationship Filtering Model

As the name suggests, Duck’s relationship filtering model consists of many filters, a relationship has to pass through.


It is convenient for individuals to start a relationship with someone who stays close by or works with him/her. Distance does matter in relationships. People staying far off often find it difficult to meet and eventually their relationship suffers. This explains why long distance relationships are not very successful.


What one thinks about the other person also affects relationship. Individuals might make wrong perception towards someone and not decide to continue the relationship.

Physical appearance

How individuals look, speak and present themselves also affect the relationship. Individuals tend to get attracted towards someone who is charming and confident

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