Integrated Marketing Communication Tools

Integrated Marketing Communication tools refer to integrating various marketing tools such as advertising, online marketing, public relation activities, direct marketing, sales campaigns to promote brands so that similar message reaches a wider audience. Products and services are promoted by effectively integrating various brand communication tools.

To implement integrated marketing communication, it is essential for the organizations to communicate effectively with the clients. You need to know how your products or services would benefit your end-users. The more effectively you promote your brand, the more demand would it have in the market. Identify your target audience. Remember, not everyone would need your product. Understand why would an individual invest in your brand unless and until you have something unique and interesting to offer? The benefits of the brand need to be communicated effectively.

Let us go through various integrated marketing communication tools: Integrated marketing communication effectively integrates all modes of brand communication and uses them simultaneously to promote various products and services among customers effectively and eventually yield higher revenues for the organization.


Advertising is one of the most effective ways of brand promotion. Advertising helps organizations reach a wider audience within the shortest possible time frame. Advertisements in newspaper, television, Radio, billboards help end-users to believe in your brand and also motivate them to buy the same and remain loyal towards the brand. Advertisements not only increase the consumption of a particular product/service but also create brand awareness among customers. Marketers need to ensure that the right message reaches the right customers at the right time. Be careful about the content of the advertisement, after all you are paying for every second.

Sales Promotion

Brands (Products and services) can also be promoted through discount coupons, loyalty clubs, membership coupons, incentives, lucrative schemes, attractive packages for loyal customers, specially designed deals and so on. Brands can also be promoted effectively through newspaper inserts, danglers, banners at the right place, glorifiers, wobblers etc.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing enables organizations to communicate directly with the end-users. Various tools for direct marketing are emails, text messages, catalogues, brochures, promotional letters and so on. Through direct marketing, messages reach end-users directly.

Personal Selling

Personal selling is also one of the most effective tools for integrated marketing communication. Personal selling takes place when marketer or sales representative sells products or services to clients. Personal selling goes a long way in strengthening the relationship between the organization and the end-users.

Personal selling involves the following steps:

  1. Prospecting - Prospecting helps you find the right and potential contact.
  2. Making first contact - Marketers need to establish first contact with their prospective clients through emails, telephone calls etc. An appointment is essential and make sure you reach on time for the meeting.
  3. The sales call - Never ever lie to your customers. Share what all unique your brand has to offer to customers. As a marketer, you yourself should be convinced with your products and services if you expect your customers to invest in your brand.
  4. Objection handling - Be ready to answer any of the client’s queries.
  5. Closing the sale - Do not leave unless and until you successfully close the deal. There is no harm in giving customers some time to think and decide accordingly. Do not be after their life.

Public Relation Activities

Public relation activities help promote a brand through press releases, news, events, public appearances etc.The role of public relations officer is to present the organization in the best light.

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Integrated Marketing Communications