Factors Influencing Employee Satisfaction

Employee satisfaction ensures employees are happy with their jobs and also give their heart and soul to the organization. Such people seldom think of changing their jobs and motivate not only themselves but also others to work hard for the betterment of the organization.

Let us go through few factors influencing employee satisfaction:

Working conditions of an organization play an important role in influencing employee satisfaction. Employees who do not have a proper workstation and are not comfortable at their workplaces are the ones who are the most frustrated and unhappy with their job.

Appoint people who are responsible for the cleanliness of the office and most importantly the rest rooms. Assign drawers and proper space to employees where they can keep their important documents, files and also personal belongings. Encourage the employees to keep their drawers and desk clean. Make sure your office building is fire resistant.

Management has no right to treat its employees as slaves just because they are being paid. Employees need to be treated with utmost respect and care. They need to feel protected at the workplace for them to develop a feeling of job satisfaction. Encourage healthy ambience at the workplace and also motivate employees not to participate in nasty office politics.

The second most important factor influencing employee satisfaction is employee benefits. Employees need to be paid well as per their designation and roles and responsibilities in the organization.

The moment an employee is underpaid, he/she would create problems for the entire organization. Do not favour any employee. Make sure incentives and monetary benefits are directly proportional to the efforts an individual puts in. Do not unnecessary hold their payments and salaries if you want your employees to stick around for a long time.

Another reason as to why employees are not satisfied with their job is that their hard work is not acknowledged. Give them their due credit. If they have performed something extraordinarily, do not forget to appreciate them in front of their colleagues. Give them additional responsibilities. Give them an opportunity to handle teams. You need to trust them and guide them accordingly. If you expect an individual to work on entry level projects for next five years, you are sadly mistaken. He/she would definitely move on.

Make sure deserving employees get decent hikes and benefits. Do not put a full stop on their career growth citing lame excuses that the individual concerned is not performing up to the mark or the organization is at loss.

If the employee is not performing well then what is the management doing? In such a case he should not be in the system and if at all, he is there, what are seniors doing to improve his performance? Be transparent with your employees.

An employee becomes frustrated the moment he/she has nothing challenging to work on. Constant upgradation of skills is essential for every employee to survive the cut throat competition. Make sure employees are a part of regular training programs.

Make employees feel as an indispensable resource for the organization. A sense of loyalty towards the organization does not come out of compulsion. It has to come from within. Give employees space and freedom to take their own decisions. If they have to depend on you for every small thing, trust me they would soon end up quitting their jobs. Give them the budget and ask them to perform and deliver within the stipulated time frame. Do not interfere in their way of handling teams.

Be reasonable with your employees. Trust me; being too strict with them does not help. If you expect them to work on every Sunday, do not be surprised if they resign all of a sudden.

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