Role of Communication in Employee Satisfaction

Employee satisfaction is of utmost importance for organizations to grow and also survive the cut throat competition. Remember, employees are your true assets and it is essential that they remain happy and satisfied with their jobs for them to strive hard and deliver their level best.

Communication plays a crucial role in employee satisfaction.

Most of the problems arise when employees are not happy with their bosses. On top of it, rather than discussing the issue face to face with their immediate reporting bosses, they prefer to badmouth them behind their backs. Understand that this is not the solution.

Bosses need to realize one thing that there are very few individuals who really have the courage to come up with their grievances in front of their superiors. For them, the easiest solution is to sit quietly and do nothing or simply look for another job. You need to motivate your employees to open up in front of you. You need to make the employees feel that you are always there with him irrespective of the circumstances and situations.

Communicate with your team members effectively. Sit with them, talk to them and find out what extra you can do for them to ensure hundred percent dedication and cooperation from their end.

Do not allow the employees to keep everything within themselves. Employees are the most satisfied when they share a great rapport with their bosses. Communicating with them on a regular basis helps you know whether they are really happy with their jobs or not. If they are enjoying their work, you are doing a good work and if they are not, you really should look into the matter on an urgent basis if you really want to retain your employee.

Do an exercise tomorrow and you will find an answer yourself as to why communication is so important.

For two days, do not speak to anyone and work in isolation. Trust me, at the end of the day, you will not feel like coming back to work again. That is the power of communication. Work would become a burden for employees if you do not allow them to interact with each other. Not only the employees would be frustrated but also develop a feeling of hatred towards superiors as well as their organization. Let employees talk to each other and sort out problems among themselves.

Employees are dissatisfied when information does not reach them correctly. Make them a part of important discussions where they can also share their ideas and opinions. Healthy communication ensures accurate information reaches all employees and no one feels left out within the system.

Do not set targets for your team members unless and until you discuss with them. How can you set goals for your team without knowing whether your team is really capable of achieving targets within the stipulated time frame or not?

If you decide the job responsibilities of an individual on his/her behalf; very soon, he would be frustrated and decide to move on. Appraisals and promotions need to be discussed in the presence of employees. Trust me, if you do so, employees would work because they want to take their organization to a new level and not because their Bosses have asked them to do so.

Healthy work culture leads to satisfied employees who not only deliver their level best but also stick around for a long time. Half of the problems evaporate if discussed.

Effective communication also goes a long way in reducing negativity at the workplace which eventually leads to satisfied and happy employees. Won’t you feel good if your boss walks up to your cubicle, gives a pat on your back and praises you for your performance in front of others? Would you ever think of quitting your job? I don’t think so.

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