Ways to Reduce Politics at the Workplace

Employees indulge in politics to win appreciation from the superiors and tarnish the reputation of the fellow workers. Individuals who do not believe in working hard depend on nasty politics at the workplace simply to save their own job.

Changing jobs frequently is no solution to politics. One must try to avoid politics for a healthy and positive ambience at the workplace.

Following are the ways to reduce politics at the workplace:

  1. Job Satisfaction

    • Job mismatch leads to politics at the workplace. Responsibilities must be delegated as per the interests, specialization and educational qualification of the employees.

    • Task must not be imposed on anyone.

    • Individuals must enjoy their work for them to stay loyal towards the organization. Employees indulge in politics when they have ample free time and nothing innovative to do.

    • Employees must be clear with their KRA’s and duties. They should know what they are supposed to do in the organization.

  2. Transparency

    • Transparency must be maintained at all levels to reduce politics.

    • Employees must be aware of the goals and objectives of the organization and strive hard to achieve the same.

    • Company policies should be same for everyone.

  3. Team Work

    • Promote team work at the workplace to strengthen the bond amongst the employees. Individuals should be made to work in teams so that they come closer and develop a liking for each other.

    • Celebrate various festivals at the workplace.

    • Once in a while take your employees out for informal get together and picnics. Such initiatives go a long way in reducing misunderstandings amongst the employees.

  4. Discussions

    • Issues must be discussed on an open forum and everyone related to the matter must be allowed to participate in the same. Problems arise when matters are discussed in closed cabins and employees do not get a common picture.

    • Employees should be able to express their views and grievances in front of their superiors.

    • Hierarchies must be well defined to reduce politics.

    • The subordinates must have an easy access to the boss’s cabin at the time of queries.

  5. Communication

    • Effective communication reduces the chances of politics at the workplace.

    • Employees should not play with words and pass on the information in its desired form.

    • Information must not be manipulated at any cost.

    • Individuals should prefer written modes of communication to avoid confusions.

    • Communicate through emails and do keep your boss in the loop. This way the superiors are aware of what is happening around and no employee can cook up stories against anyone.

  6. Maintain the decorum of the workplace

    • Politics never benefits anyone in the long run. Employees must concentrate on their own work rather than interfering in their colleague’s work.

    • Remember your organization pays you for your hard work and not for finding faults in others.

    • Avoid backstabbing or making fun of others.

    • Don’t spread unnecessary rumours about anyone at the workplace.

  7. Partiality

    • The management must not be partial to anyone. Don’t blindly support any of the employees.

    • Don’t take action against anyone just because one of his team members has said something negative against him.

    • Don’t believe anything unless and until there is a proof.

  8. Positive frame of mind

    • Employees must enter office with calm and a positive frame of mind.

    • Don’t think of doing harm to others. Remember bad deeds will fall back on you as well.

    • Don’t take things to heart. Avoid overreacting at the workplace.

    • Being overfriendly with everyone also creates problems.

    • Don’t let others know all your secrets.

    • An individual should know where to draw the line. Don’t take undue favours from anyone at the workplace.

    • Never ever use derogatory words against your boss in front of any of your fellow workers.

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