Ways for an Individual to Boost his/her Human Capital

Let us go through various ways by which an employee can boost his/her human capital.

Every employee should strive hard to increase his/her value in the organization. One should contribute his/her level best to accomplish goals and objectives of the organization. Don’t just treat your organization as a mere source of earning money.

Remember there is no age limit for education. One can constantly keep on upgrading his skills. Register yourself for various online or distance learning courses, something you can pursue along with your job.

Continually seeking education makes an employee aware of the latest developments and opens his/her mind up to new ideas. Search for new courses which would help you contribute more towards your organization. Don’t register yourself for any course just for the sake of adding degrees to your resume.

Some amount of research is necessary before you get yourself enrolled in any course. Do not forget to check the credibility of the course or for that matter the authenticity of the degree. Discuss with your superiors. They will be able to guide you. Education goes a long way in preparing you to face new challenges in professional life. Strive hard to keep yourself abreast with the latest technologies and progresses in industry.

Don’t just restrict yourself to a nine to five job. There is no point limiting yourself to predefined jobs or roles. Try to develop new skills that will help you with your overall performance. Be flexible and open to changes and new leanings. Being rigid will lead you nowhere. An employee should never bring his/her ego to work.

Paul was a fifty years old employee working with Organization A. He was not much familiar with internet and computers.Drafing a business mail and maintaining data in Excel was a big challenge for him.

Peter, on the other hand was proficient in internet and all other functions of computer. He was appreciated by his co workers for his contribution towards the various processes of the organization.

Paul, being elder to Peter was reluctant to sit with him and brush up on his skills. His ego never allowed him to upgrade his knowledge. Paul really found difficult to cope up with the changing times and eventually lost his job.

It is absolutely okay if you are not aware of something. There is nothing to be felt ashamed of. Discuss with your colleagues.

Try to get involved as much as you can. A multitalented employee always performs better in situations of crisis than someone who just works for himself/herself and not for organization.

An employee should always keep his eyes and ears open. Be alert and try your level best to grab new information and learnings.Believe me it will help you later and make you a dependable resource. Try to work in teams.

Information sharing also increases the efficiency of employees and eventually human capital. Sit with your team on an open forum and brainstorm new ideas and concepts. Knowledge is something which can never be stolen.

Volunteer for various training and skill development activities. Don’t run away from trainings. Don’t forget your organization is investing its time and resources in arranging training programs to benefit you. Don’t sit with a closed mind in trainings and just for the sake of marking your attendance. Interact with the trainer and try to learn and discover new things.

Don’t attend office just to earn your salary. Make it a point to do something new every day. Work never becomes a burden for employees who believe in experimenting and doing new things. Read a lot. Pick up magazines, newsletters, journals which will help you increase your knowledge. Don’t wait for someone else to push you for things. Start it RIGHT NOW!

Start your day with a smile. It will help you contribute more towards your organization.

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