Tips for Conducting Interviews

Whether it is a job interview or a follow-up interview with selected respondents who filled a survey questionnaire, it is essential that right questions are asked. However, asking a right question is just not it... There is more to conducting effective interviews.

Read on to know how an interview conversation can be made effective...

  1. Avoid distraction in the meeting area: Make sure that there is no or minimal distraction where the interview is being conducted. A phone ringing all the time in the background can distract the interviewer and interviewee

  2. Make the candidate comfortable: The candidates are usually nervous especially if it is their first interview. Ask them some ice breaker questions to make them comfortable.

  3. Racial/Sexual Bias - A BIG NO: Do not discriminate between the potential candidates on basis of race, color, religion, gender. The only basis for selection should be merit + required qualification. Be fair.

  4. Invite questions: make sure the candidate asks/clarifies the questions he has. When selected a candidate should not feel he was not told about a certain aspect of the job.

  5. Make Notes: A candidate's resume might not cover all the details and there could be a lot of other details which could come up while conducting an interview. Make sure notes are taken during the interview.

  6. Interview Approach: The interview could be a mix of formal and informal and could have a blend of open and close ended questions. An extreme of either formal or informal could be disastrous.

  7. Interview Questions: Few areas to ask questions on could be behaviors, values, knowledge, background or demographics.

  8. Company Policy & Procedures: Brief the candidate about company’s values, policies, and required procedures. A candidate if selected should not have problem in imbibing the culture.

    Finally, make sure the candidate is involved in the interview and it is not just one way.

Good luck for hiring a right candidate!

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