Role of Management in Managing Organizational Diversity

Organizational diversity enables individuals from diverse backgrounds, religions, communities, age groups, experiences, educational qualifications and so on to work on a common platform, striving hard towards achieving the goals and objectives of the organization within the shortest possible time frame.

Management plays an essential role in managing organizational diversity:

All individuals need to be treated equally. If you have recruited someone, he/she is your employee and thus indispensable resource of the organization. Do not misbehave once he/she joins. You have no rights to ill treat the other individual just because he is a peon. Management should not forget that even the office boy is an employee of the organization and ought to be treated with utmost respect and care, the same way you treat your other employees. Make them feel important. Do not make separate policies for them. Remember, even they have the right to enjoy company’s benefits, the way others do.

Every employee is important irrespective of designation; amount of time spent in the organization or educational qualification and contributes in his/her own way. Organization B had all types of employees, some who recently joined and some who were there in the system for quite some time. Joe was never called for team meetings because he joined the organization just one month back. This certainly is a wrong practice. Management and superiors need to ensure that every individual is called for team meetings and also has the liberty to contribute in formulating team strategies and organization policies. Remember, an organization does not always need experienced people but also young and dynamic individuals who have the passion for innovation and accepting challenges. Do not neglect someone just because he is new to the industry. You never know when he comes up with a wonderful idea which would benefit not only the team but the entire organization.

Appraisals and incentive plans need to be similar for everyone. If you have decided for twenty percent hike, make sure it is same for everyone, be it the general manager, manager, executive or the office boy. Even the office boy has the right to ask for his appointment letter. It is his right. Appraisals should be strictly done based on individual’s performance over a period of year and nothing else.

Encourage effective communication at the workplace. No employee should be left out of important discussions. Management needs to ensure transparency at all levels of hierarchy. This is in fact the best way to effectively manage organizational diversity.

You really need to take good care of your female employees to promote a healthy work culture. Ensure your male employees are not misbehaving with their female counterparts and if they do so, you need to take strict action immediately. Do not ask your female employees to work till late unless and until there is an emergency and you have a deadline to follow. If you have asked them to do so, make sure you arrange a cab to drop them home. Ask your administration department to make proper arrangements for them if they need to travel out of the city.

It is the responsibility of the management to encourage individuals to celebrate and enjoy all festivals irrespective of their religion and community. We may be Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christian, but above all we are Indians. Do not be happy because 25th December is a holiday and you will have another day to watch your favourite movie or spend some time with your family. Do celebrate all festivals and enjoy them to the fullest. Do not ignore someone just because he/she does not belong to your religion. Believe me, individuals who do so have no rights to be a part of the system.

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