Benefits of Organizational Diversity

Why do you think an individual is recruited? Is it because he/she is qualified enough to do justice to a particular role or he/she belongs to the religion you belong? The answer is very simple. Obviously an individual is hired because the company feels that he/she can contribute to his/her level best towards achieving organization goals. Discriminating someone on the basis of his/her religion, caste, background or community at workplace is absolutely unethical.

Let us go through the benefits of organizational diversity:

Organizational diversity brings together individuals of varied experiences, educational qualifications, age groups and backgrounds at a common place - your organization. The first and the foremost benefit of organizational diversity is individuals get to learn lots of things from each other.

You get to know about each other’s religion, community and also get an opportunity to gain from each other’s expertise. You might not know everything which probably someone associated with the organization for quite some time would know. It is foolish to underestimate anyone.

    Organization A had individuals who were more than forty years of age and were in the system say for last ten years. The management did not like the idea of recruiting fresh talent and relied only on experienced ones. In due course of time, the experienced lot could not cope up with the changing technologies and failed to survive the challenging times. Organization A eventually suffered great losses and had to be shut down.

    Organization B on the other hand believed in the concept of organizational diversity and had individuals of all age groups, work experiences, qualifications striving for a common goal. Young talents are generally little keener on upgrading their knowledge as compared to older employees who are on the verge of retirement. During tough times, Organization B gained not only from the experiences of the older people but also from the young lot who faced challenges with a smile and encouraged others to stay calm and patient.

An organization needs to have all types of people around. Everyone is talented and everyone if mentored and guided well can actually make a difference. So what if the other person is a fresher? If he/she has the right knowledge, he/she can actually prove to be an asset for your organization.

Organizational diversity ensures equal opportunities for all. What is the problem in recruiting female employees? Why are they denied top level positions? Just because they are little sensitive. Trust me; no one would buy this logic in today’s professional world. It is high time when male employees start taking their female counter parts seriously and provide them their due credit. Anyone who has the talent and passion to make it big in the professional world ought to get an opportunity to showcase his/her talent. Organizations eventually benefit from the innovate ideas of all individuals when pooled together.

Organizational diversity goes a long way in exposing individuals to varied cultures and traditions. It gives you a chance to know about other festivals and how they are being celebrated by other religions. Believe me, during festival seasons, everyone loves to bring delicacies from home and it is like a big party at workplace.

Organizational diversity not only brings employees closer to each other but also strengthens the bond among them. Employees feel happy and motivated when they celebrate different festivals together. This certainly also reflects in their work when they readily help each other and seldom indulge in unnecessary conflicts and solve issues among themselves. Individuals from different backgrounds and experiences can also sit together, brainstorm ideas and reach to better solutions benefitting the organization.

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Organizational Diversity