Role of Emotions in Negotiation

Negotiation is defined as a discussion among individuals where everyone contributes equally to reach to a conclusion benefiting all. Lot of factors influence the process of negotiation, our emotions being one of the major factors. Our mood decides a lot many things.

If one is in a happy mood, everything seems perfect and good to him. Individuals with a positive attitude tend to trust each other better. They take keen interest in the negotiation and actively participate in discussions. They try their level best to come up with a suggestion and contribute effectively in the discussion. They do not unnecessarily find faults in other people and always try to take things in a positive way. A happy and a positive person would always look forward towards a concrete solution which would benefit him as well as the other party involved. Try to be cheerful always. One looks his best when he smiles.

Anger is one of the most negative emotions acting as a hurdle to an effective negotiation. A person loses control on his mind and is not in a position to think constructively in a state of anger. One’s anger must be kept under control for an effective negotiation. Don’t overreact on petty issues. Anger only leads to conflicts and misunderstandings and does not solve any problem. An individual should learn to keep a control on his tongue. Don’t say anything which might hurt the other person. If you are getting angry on someone, it’s always better to think something pleasant; your anger would soon disappear. Take a pause and think will this anger benefit you?

One needs to be friendly with the second party. Learn to trust him but don’t get too involved in friendships. Everything has a limit and same goes with friendship as well. The other person might expect unnecessary favours from your side.

Nadia knew Mac since childhood; Mac was working with a retail outlet. Nadia wanted to purchase some clothes for herself and went straight to Mac’s outlet. Nadia and Mac were child hood friends and thus Nadia asked for more discounts as compared to what originally is offered to the other customers. Mac was bound by the store policies but he could not even refuse Nadia. He was really helpless and could not manage to offer Nadia the discounts she had quoted. Nadia went back empty handed, the negotiation was not at all fruitful and no body gained anything out of it.

Friendship should be within a limit, otherwise unrealistic expectations arise which are a little difficult to fulfill.

Negotiations must be with a clear and a tension free mind. A mind clouded with tensions can’t concentrate on anything and eventually one loses focus. An individual’s mind is unable to take any decisions and he finds it difficult to develop an interest in the negotiation. We all know that tensions come uninvited, but it would be wise, if you keep the tensions on the back burner for some time when you are involved in negotiation.

One should be calm and composed. Never lose your cool and shout on the second party. Always ensure that you are comfortable with the second party. Don’t take rash decisions and one should not interfere while the other person is speaking. Always analyze the situation well and then only come to any conclusion. One should try and adopt a step by step approach. Don’t expect the result to come out within a second. Take your time to convince the other party but do not drag the conversation too long. It becomes monotonous and one tends to lose interest.

Don’t stress yourself at the time of negotiation. Relax. Whatever has to happen will definitely happen. Taking stress does not help. It’s better to relax and let things happen on their own. No one will kill you, if you are not able to close the deal, there is always another opportunity. Unnecessary stress makes you feel nervous and you tend to lose your confidence as well.

Take interest in the discussion. Don’t develop a laid back attitude. Be active and participate willingly in the discussion. Don’t sit in the negotiation just because your boss has asked you to do the same. It’s better to express your opinion at the time of negotiation rather than cribbing later. If you are not satisfied with anything, express your displeasure. If you feel you are not prepared for the negotiation; it’s better to postpone it, rather than attending it half-heartedly and messing up things.

Avoid being clever. Don’t try to fool the other person. One should not fake things or manipulate the truth. Tampering data would only add to confusions. Be honest in your dealings. Never underestimate anyone. The second party is also aware of what is happening around you and is well prepared just like you.

Learn to compromise sometimes. An individual must not be too rigid. At times it’s good to take the initiative and be the first one to accept things. One should avoid being adamant.

Being positive always helps. Negative emotions only lead to negativity around and trigger conflicts and misunderstandings among individuals. Fighting till date has never benefited anyone; it simply adds on to one’s tensions and nullifies the effect of negotiation.

Whenever you are going for any negotiation make sure you are not in a foul mood, otherwise you will definitely end up fighting with the other person. One should not let his emotions come in between negotiations. Avoid being partial.

A deal is a deal whether it is with a friend or with a stranger. Don’t ignore things just because you know the other person well. It is always better to be safe from the beginning than suffer later.

Paper work is important and the documents must be signed in the presence of both the parties. Don’t skip agreements if you are dealing with your friend. He will not feel bad; instead appreciate your professional approach.

Don’t mix your personal interests with your professional life. Negotiation is just a mere discussion to reach to a common solution, nothing more. Don’t treat it as a battle field. Keep your emotions under control and just be normal.

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