Role of Effective Public Speaking in Career Growth

Public Speaking refers to the art of communicating with a large audience. Public speaking definitely plays an important role in one’s career.

Let us go through the role of public speaking in career growth:

Being a public speaker indeed makes you a popular face in your organization.

Let us go through two situations:

Tom worked really hard and never believed in bunking office. He was an introvert who remained glued to his computer most of the times and hardly interacted with his fellow workers or participated in extracurricular activities. He did meet his targets but never really bothered to attend office parties or address his juniors. Very few people knew Tom and his Bosses hardly spoke to him.

Jack, on the other hand, did not work as hard as Tom but always stayed in the limelight. He willingly participated in seminars, conferences and was an excellent speaker. He had excellent communication skills and made best possible use of the same. In no time, he became extremely popular in the office and everyone knew him by his name. Though he did miss his targets sometime, but he was always in his superior’s good books.

Who do you think was more successful?

Obviously Jack. Jack in a very short span of time became the team leader and got excellent perks and benefits. Tom suffered as nobody not even his Bosses knew that he was indeed a diligent worker.

When you address, say hundred people together on a common platform, people start recognizing you and acknowledging your talent. When you do something apart from your routine work not only your colleagues but also superiors notice you immediately. You climb the success ladder quickly if you are a familiar face among the management. Public speaking helps you acquire confidence – a must for every professional. It helps you get rid of fear, nervousness and you start believing in yourself.

Public speaking inculcates the habit of reading in individuals which goes a long way in acquainting them with the latest developments in their respective fields. One has to meticulously prepare notes/bullet points for the presentations and thus knows what is happening around. Professionals develop the habit of surfing informative websites and as a result come across several useful things which is not the case when people stick to the nine to five routine job.

For an individual to do well professionally, he/she needs to communicate effectively. Not everyone is born with effective communication skills but one can certainly master the same with time and practice.

Public speaking plays a crucial role in improving your communication skills. No one can explain the importance of two way communication better than a public speaker. Your communication with your Boss will not yield results unless and until he/she understands what you intend to communicate. Public speaking in true sense makes you an effective communicator- one of most important keys to success.

Public speaking helps you respect deadlines . Trust me, if you learn how to deliver within the stipulated time frame, nothing can stop you from being successful. You are generally allotted a time frame and you have to finish your presentation within that time frame. Dragging a presentation unnecessarily is useless. If you are allotted say two hours for your presentation, not only you have to finish with the actual content but also assign some time for question answers.

Public speaking inculcates managerial as well as leadership skills- again two very important skills in the professional world. It is no joke standing in front of a large number of people and making them listen to you. You learn how to become a role model for others and how to motivate people to act according to you.

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