Role of Dressing in Public Speaking

Dressing plays an essential role in public speaking. It is the way you dress which speaks volumes about your personality and confidence. A public speaker needs to dress as per the occasion, time and season. If you are addressing your office colleagues during the office hours, it is essential to stick to formal dressing.

You may be an excellent speaker, may have excellent content but, if you are shabbily dressed, no one would at the first place like to listen to you and if at all they do, they would forget you as well as your speech the moment you leave the place.

Dress smartly. Casual dressing is a strict no no in office presentations. Do not wear something which will make you feel uncomfortable. Some people do wear tattered jeans and T shirt for office sessions and presentations. Such dressing works only when you are addressing a group of friends or probably your relatives or anyone you do not share a very formal relationship.

Trust me, wearing the right clothes makes you confident and you generally feel good from inside. Dressing casually also means that you generally are not serious towards the whole idea of addressing people and eventually your audience also find it extremely difficult to concentrate on the event. In such a case, they would attend the seminar and listen to you just for the sake of it.

Dressing correctly helps you create the first impression among your audience. As they say “First impression is the last impression” and it definitely matters a lot. Tom had excellent public speaking skills. He somehow became over confident and once went shabbily dressed to address his team members. Neither did he bother to iron his clothes nor polish his shoes. Not only his team members who once used to take TOM very seriously made fun of him but also never bothered to pay attention to what he was saying. They also avoided his sessions in the future. Such is the importance of dressing in public speaking. Since Tom was not neatly dressed, the audience perceived him to be a lazy and careless person who did not bother to take care of his own clothes. How would such a person take care of the team or for that matter entire organization?

One needs to dress correctly for a pleasing personality. Dressing as per the occasion definitely gives you an edge over others. Do not overdress. Females need not to look like a makeup box while addressing people. Remember, no one has asked you to look like a bride or for that matter a film actress. In this way, you would attract the attention of people but for all the wrong reasons. The overall idea is to look neat, tidy and presentable.

Do not wear revealing clothes while delivering presentations. If you believe, exposing would guarantee a huge crowd, you are sadly mistaken. Men should avoid wearing gaudy shirts or ill fitted trousers for presentations. Do not forget that dressing sensibly plays an essential role in earning respect for you. Dressing plays an important role in public speaking as it certainly reflects your seriousness towards job and life in general as well as your upbringing, thought process and overall attitude.

Make sure your shoes are polished and hair neatly combed. This is also an important aspect of right dressing. The best way to avoid blunders in dressing is to see yourself in the mirror before stepping out for sessions. Remember, dressing correctly will not only make you an excellent speaker but also a favourite among audience.

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