Organization Ethics - Meaning and its Importance

An organization is formed when individuals from different backgrounds and varied interests come together on a common platform and work towards predefined goals and objectives.

Employees are the assets of an organization and it is essential for them to maintain the decorum and ambience of the workplace.

What is Organization Ethics ?

The way an organization should respond to external environment refers to organization ethics. Organization ethics includes various guidelines and principles which decide the way individuals should behave at the workplace.

It also refers to the code of conduct of the individuals working in a particular organization.

Every organization runs to earn profits but how it makes money is more important. No organization should depend on unfair means to earn money. One must understand that money is not the only important thing; pride and honour are more important. An individual’s first priority can be to make money but he should not stoop too low just to be able to do that.

Children below fourteen years of age must not be employed to work in any organization. Childhood is the best phase of one’s life and no child should be deprived of his childhood.

Employees should not indulge in destruction or manipulation of information to get results. Data Tampering is considered strictly unethical and unprofessional in the corporate world. Remember if one is honest, things will always be in his favour.

Employees should not pass on company’s information to any of the external parties. Do not share any of your organization’s policies and guidelines with others. It is better not to discuss official matters with friends and relatives. Confidential data or information must not be leaked under any circumstances.

There must be absolute fairness in monetary transactions and all kinds of trading. Never ever cheat your clients.

Organizations must not discriminate any employee on the grounds of sex, physical appearance, age or family background. Female employees must be treated with respect. Don’t ask your female employees to stay back late at work. It is unethical to discriminate employees just because they do not belong to an affluent background. Employees should be judged by their work and nothing else.

Organization must not exploit any of the employees. The employees must be paid according to their hard work and efforts. If individuals are working late at night, make sure overtimes are paid. The management must ensure employees get their arrears, bonus, incentives and other reimbursements on time.

Stealing office property is strictly unethical.

Organization must take care of the safety of the employees. Individuals should not be exposed to hazardous conditions.

Never lie to your customers. It is unprofessional to make false promises to the consumers. The advertisements must give a clear picture of the product. Do not commit anything which your organization can’t offer. It is important to be honest with your customers to expect loyalty from them. It is absolutely unethical to fool the customers.

The products should not pose a threat to environment and mankind.

Employees on probation period can be terminated anytime but organizations need to give one month notice before firing the permanent ones. In the same way permanent employees need to serve one month notice before resigning from the current services. Employees can’t stop coming to office all of a sudden.

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