Common Threats to an Organization

What do you understand by threats to an organization? Threats refer to negative influences which not only hamper the productivity of an organization but also bring a bad name to it.

Let us go through common threats faced by an organization.

One of the most common threats faced by organization is employees with a negative approach. Remember; nothing can harm an organization more than unfaithful employees. Believe me, employees who attend office just to earn their salaries are in fact the biggest threat to an organization.

Non serious employees do not contribute much towards the productivity of an organization. They are a mere burden on the system. Even the best of clients, best of infrastructure or the best of machinery would not help if people associated with the organization are not loyal and committed towards it.

High attrition rate is another big threat to an organization. Organizations suffer a great loss when talented employees quit and join their competitors. When an individual who has been trained for six months by an organization leaves all of a sudden, it is both waste of time and energy. Make sure employees who know their job and responsibilities well stick to the organization for a long time at least for two to three years.

Another common threat faced by an organization is data and information loss. A lot of effort goes in formulating important strategies for the team and organization.

It is unethical to share confidential information with your competitors. When individuals have their best friends within the organization but working in separate teams, they tend to share team strategies and policies. In such a case not only respective teams suffer but also the entire organization. Client data base, monetary transactions, company accounts, salaries of employees need to be kept confidential under all circumstances.

In today’s business scenario, where individuals are totally dependent on their computers, everything goes for a toss if system crashes. Believe me; a server failure can lead to major losses for the organization. A lot of time goes in first detecting as to what went wrong and then rectifying the problem. Employees find it extremely difficult to deliver if their machines are not in proper working conditions. They can neither fetch any data nor interact with their clients through emails.

Instruct employees to take proper backups at regular intervals. IT department is the lifeline of every organization and they need to ensure proper softwares and anti viruses are installed in every machine. Do not keep untrained professionals in your IT team. Another major problem arises when telephone lines are out of order.

Security issues pose a major threat to the organization. Make sure you have appointed security staffs who are responsible for the overall security of the organization as well as safety of the employees.

Proper measures need to be taken to protect the organization from fire, earth quake or any other disaster of similar sort. It becomes organization’s primary responsibility to take care of its employees and their basic requirements. Poor working condition does not allow employees to give their hundred percent.

Mass boycotts and strikes also pose major threat to organization. Situations where individuals tend to form groups and go on strikes not only affect the productivity of the organization but also spoil the work culture.

Lack of funds is another area of concern for the organizations. Financial stability is of utmost importance and organizations need to have a stable background. A situation where you are unable to give salaries to your employees and also meet daily expenses need to be avoided at any cost. Planning is essential. An organization needs to have sufficient funds to survive the challenging times.

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