Myths Surrounding Multi Level Marketing

Multi Level Marketing or Network Marketing is a unique selling concept and the most widely spread global phenomenon. This direct form of selling has produced thousands of millionaires who in normal course of their lives would never have dreamt of earning millions. If this concept has changed the life of thousands by making them rich, it has also an equal share of people have been disappointed and failed to achieve their expectations.

On the whole, the Network Marketing concept has won accolades as well as brickbats too. The minute you tell your friends or acquaintances about this new business opportunity that you have found, it is quite likely that you will get a negative remark from your friends saying that the concept isn’t going to work and that you will get nowhere. There are many more who shrink away and try to avoid you when you start explaining the business concept to them. These are but common reactions which are expected from people who have very little or no knowledge of the business concept and the details of how it works. There can be very many reasons for such misunderstanding stemming from their own deficiencies, their failures, attitudes etc.

The distracters and criticizers of the MLM business are likely to throw up the fact that pyramid selling has had bad history and amounts to cheating etc. Well, you should be aware of the history and be able to steer away from the past and clear the misunderstanding by explaining the difference between the Network marketing businesses and the pyramid selling schemes that ruined the reputation.

It is true that with the ongoing rage of the Network marketing schemes, many people floated pyramid selling schemes. Many began to charge entry fee to make a fast buck and there were many cases of companies pushing and selling stocks to distributors in lieu of the targets and booking huge profits on sales volumes.

Besides there were also many schemes like ‘Chain of Letters’ and lottery etc that ruined the reputation of the MLM business. A lot has changed since then and the fact that Companies like Amway, Avon, Oriflame etc have been operational globally for over three decades proves that MLM is a legitimate business and that it really works.

Millions of people all over the world have signed up for distributorship and have been earning income too. Besides there have been regulations enforced by the Government ensuring that the MLM businesses are compliant with Fair Trade practices.

There are many more standard objections and negative remarks that you are likely to face from people who do not really understand what Network Marketing is all about.

Many observers believe that there will be saturation and you will not be able to carry on with extension of network and selling all the time. Well, this is truly a misconception for such a thing cannot happen.

As long as people exist and their needs exist, you will find them buying products. Instead of buying from retail shops, people are buying through the people. Such notions of saturation are all perceptions of those who have not worked on the concept and tasted success.

End of it, Network marketing is and continues to remain one of the most successful forms of direct marketing. The trade has now been regulated and it is perfectly legal to do business using this model.

The fact that companies like Amway & Nutralite have been operating and growing successful with global operations with huge network of billions of distributors talks about the success of this model.

Like any other business venture, one cannot expect to see huge returns overnight and if you want big money, you have got to put in that much of effort, focus and time on building your business and the rewards will follow.

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