How to Retain the Best Employee

The management must understand the difference between a dedicated employee and an employee who comes to office just for the sake of fun. The employees who really are concerned about the organization must be retained for better output and a healthy environment at the workplace.

Let us go through few steps to avoid talent drain:

  • Work should never become monotonous and must offer a new learning each day. An employee should be able to upgrade his skills and enhance his knowledge at the workplace. Employees leave the organization whenever there are no chances of further growth. An individual must be made to do something which really excites him and most importantly matches his background. The employees must be asked to accomplish the tasks in the most innovative way for them to enjoy their work. No one should be asked to do anything out of compulsion. The team leader must not force anyone to work. Let them accept assignments willingly. The moment work becomes a burden for the employees, they look for a change.

  • Every individual should enjoy privacy at the workplace. The superiors must ensure that no employee interferes in each other’s work. Team members sitting at adjacent desks should not overhear their colleague’s conversation or check any confidential documents. These things lead to severe demotivation and prompt an individual to look for a change. Discussion is important but one should not irritate anyone. The team manager should also not make his team member’s life hell. Just give them deadlines and ask them to complete the assignments within the desired time frame. Motivate them to deliver their best but don’t be after their life. Remember everyone is mature enough to understand that work comes first, and everything later.

  • The seniors must be reachable to their subordinates in case of queries. The hierarchy should not be too complicated and transparency in communication is important at all levels. Manipulation of truth should be strictly avoided as it leads to severe misunderstandings and eventually conflicts. Employees look for a change when there are unnecessary disputes at the workplace. The team leader once in a week must make sure to meet all the team members on an open forum to address their concern. The meeting should not be made too formal. Everyone should be allowed to bring their cups of coffee. Such interaction strengthens the bond among the employees and also avoid friction among individuals. It is essential to have a positive ambience at the workplace for people to stick to it for a longer time.

  • Every employee should be treated as one irrespective of his designation. Sexual harassment is against the law and is a strict no no at the workplace. The male workers should respect their female counterparts and make them feel comfortable. Don’t ask any female employee to stay back late. Leg pulling, back stabbing, lewd remarks must be avoided at the organization to retain the employees.

  • The management must formulate employee friendly policies. The employees must be allowed to take one or two leaves in a month so that they get time to rejuvenate. Don’t call the employees on weekends. Let them enjoy. The human resource department must take the initiative to celebrate birthdays of employees at the workplace. This way people come closer, make friends, develop trust and are thus reluctant to go for a change. Major festivals should also be celebrated at the organization for employees to get attached to the organization.

  • Incentives, cash prizes, trophies, perks should be given to deserving employees to motivate them to perform up to the mark every time. The salaries of the high potential employees must be appraised from time to time as monetary dissatisfaction is one of the major reasons for employees quitting their jobs. The hard work of the workers must be appreciated. The slow learners must not be criticized but should be inspired to gear up for the next time.

  • The performers must be made to participate in the decision making process. They should have a say in the major strategies of the organization for them to feel important and trust the management.

  • Discipline is a must at the workplace. If the office timing is 9.30 am, every employee regardless of designation must punch his card at 9.30 am sharp or before that. No relaxation should be given to anyone. Partiality is something which does not work in the corporate world. It is important to maintain the decorum of the office to make the organization a better place to work.

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