How to Project Yourself as a Brand by Using Strong Keywords and Updating the Profile Periodically

Before we begin with the topic, we need to understand few pointers such as what is branding? How would you brand yourself? What are those keywords and how to utilize them to create a strong brand presence? These are some questions which need to be clarified before we proceed.

Branding: Branding yourself is a technique of defining your line of business. Did you notice those large hoardings on your way to the office? They have some catchy lines or may be some visual to attract the customer towards them which eventually have the potential to turn up as real customers. So, suppose if any company launches a new product and do not promote it, how would people come to know about the product which is recently launched? Worth thinking right! So branding becomes extremely important if you want to project yourself, your skills, expertise and about your business.

How to do that? If you want to brand yourself or your company, you have to think a great deal about the values that you can offer. Why people should follow you and not other competitors in the market, your way of branding should strongly convince and communicate that to the prospective customers. Before you go ahead and start branding yourself, you just need to take ample amount of time to think what the key areas that you want yourself to be remembered for are?

Connect with Customers: Creating just a brand is not sufficient. After you create your online brand, you need to connect with more and more customer to reach out to them directly. Promote it as much as you can through social, professional networking platforms. In this case, LinkedIn plays a very vital role in creating and maintaining your online brand image. If you are a part of Group in LinkedIn, you will have access to more and more people within that group. But it is essential that you create and add some value for your customers rather than just being greedy for promoting your own content in some or the other ways. Remember, customers can not be tricked easily. If they do not find any value in your offering, they will not come back to you.

Now, to connect customers and be in their mind, you have to give fresh content to your audience from time to time. You need to remain active on all the networking platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to name a few. And to ensure this that you are active, you need to keep updating your profile intermittently. Connect with market leaders, thought leaders, follow their way of making their online presence count, share your thoughts and comment on ideas shared by others. These are great ways to be remembered and referred.

Re-structure Your Profile: If you have already completed your LinkedIn profile, don’t just feel relaxed. Think of restructuring it from time to time, whenever you are rewarded or get a new project or was acknowledged by the company for your efficiency. Keep updating. It must be a continuous process rather than just filled up all the parameters once and then left.

LinkedIn provides you an opportunity to congratulate others from your network for their promotions, new jobs, promotions, etc. Take advantage of these features. You can also contribute one or two blogs, articles which depict your thoughts and experience. You can also re-arrange your skills section the way you prefer them. Check who has viewed your profile on Linkedin. This will give you an idea of your profile views. Join and be active on Linkedin Groups. Groups are great to promote your brand.

Branding Using Strong Keywords: Branding is an ongoing process. The right choice of keywords can make or mar a profile. Once you create an image, you have to make an effort to maintain the same. When it comes to branding yourself, keywords play a very crucial role here. First and foremost, you need to search for those right keywords matching to your profile, which should come when people will search.

For example, for a content writing & marketing profile, keywords like Blogging, content writing, content creation, content management, SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, content strategy, public relations, lead generation, social networking can be useful. Similarly, you will have to research about your profile and the associated keywords which will not only increase the visibility of the profile but also will establish your brand presence.

If someone asks you to summarize your work in just half a line, what would you answer? Brainstorm and then come to a precise, to the point, hitting answer. This answer would be the headline of your LinkedIn profile, so think it that ways. This headline should offer value to your customers; then only people will get attracted towards your products, service or offerings.

For LinkedIn profiles, ensure that important keywords are there in your professional headline, current job title, summary, skills, and other applicable sections throughout your profile wherever it is applicable.

Be Different, Be Unique: When it comes to branding yourself, do not just stick to the ways that others in your industry are following. Find your unique ways to showcase your skills, expertise, knowledge and experience. Be a story teller, everyone likes to read a story and most of them do remember it as well. But make sure that people can relate to it. Do not deviate from the main point; Weave your story around your brand and its quality offerings which can add value to the customer’s life. Show your creativity, passion, and originality of imagination through your words and choice of keywords.

Use the Keywords Frequently: Once you have chosen the appropriate keywords for your profile, make sure that it is being repeated after some interval. When people will read the important value add keywords over and over again, it is likely that it will be there on their mind for quite some time. But do not overdo it, else it will be repetitive and monotonous and readers may lose interest.

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