Double Entry Bookkeeping System in Accounts

The double entry system of bookkeeping is said to have revolutionized growth in modern business. It is only because businesses are able to keep track of their growing scale of transactions efficiently that they grow further. This has been facilitated by a well designed, error preventing accounting system called the double entry system. Here are more details about this system:

What Is Double Entry System ?

In a double entry bookkeeping system there are two sides to every transaction. The sides are equal in magnitude i.e. the debits must always equal the credits.

Large Firms

When a firm grows beyond a certain size it has to use double entry system of accounting. This is both because it is mandated by law as well as because it is the most efficient system.

Complete Records

Double entry accounting system keeps a record of all major accounting transactions. These could be transactions outside the firm with third parties. Or they could be intra firm transactions where raw material has now been converted to Work In Progress (WIP). By making sure every record about credit as well as intra firm transactions is being accounted for, double entry system provides the most accurate record.

Automatic Reconciliation

As the scale of a business grows, it becomes more prone to clerical errors. A clerk accounting for a large number of transactions all day is bound to make some mistakes. However, the double entry system does not allow these mistakes to have a cascading effect. This is because the system is constantly checking whether total debits equal total credits. When they are not, accountants know they are dealing with an error. They can then find out the error, correct it and then move forward. This saves a lot of time and builds incredible accuracy in the system.

However the double entry accounting system is not 100% error proof. There is a possibility that an entry may have been completely omitted or that there may have been compensating errors done while passing the entry.

Fraud is Difficult

Just like reconciliation, when a business grows, more and more responsibilities need to be entrusted to workers. Many times this leads to frauds by the workers as they embezzle cash and make use of resources for personal benefits. However, the double entry accounting system, when used correctly prevents such situations from arising. The system has strong inbuilt controls to avoid misuse of any resources.

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