Don’ts for a Healthy Employee Relationship

An organization is a place to work and not a battle field where employees would fight with each other.

One needs to treat his/her fellow workers well, understand each other’s expectations for a healthy relationship and maximum output. The employees must be comfortable with each other and work together as a team.

Remember there is no “I” in a team. Every employee should think about his team first and all his personal interests should take a backseat. It is important that each and every employee works in close coordination with each other and decide something which would satisfy all.

Don’t treat your colleagues as your enemy. Learn to respect as well as trust them. Team leaders and superiors must ensure a healthy relationship among the employees to avoid negativity within the teams.

Let us go through some important points which must be avoided at the workplace for a warm relationship among the employees:

  • Avoid partiality at work. Don’t treat someone well just because he stays near your place or brings lunch for you daily.

    Everyone must be treated as one. If someone has done something wrong, it is the duty of the team leader to correct him irrespective of the relations he shares with him. Favouritism must not be promoted at the workplace.

    Every individual should be assigned work as per their interest and capability. The work should be equally divided among all. Don’t impose your decisions on your team members. Let them decide on their own what is correct for them and what is not.

  • The employees must avoid lose talks and blame games at work. They actually don’t help. Learn to own your mistakes and find out ways to correct them. It is absolutely natural to commit mistakes. Every human being does, so no need to panic and pass on the blame to others. It severely spoils the relationship among the employees.

    One should not spread unnecessary rumours about any of his/her colleagues. If you come to know something about anyone, it is better to discuss with him in private rather than publicising the whole story. Just think what would you gain out of it?

  • An individual must never break his/her colleague’s trust. If your team member has shared one of his secrets with you, please keep it to yourself only.

    If the person sitting next to you has expressed his displeasure over anything, don’t disclose it in front of your boss or others. Avoid nasty politics at workplace. If you can’t help anyone it is better to stay out of it rather than giving wrong suggestions

  • Avoid communicating with employees individually. Meetings must not always be conducted one to one. Call all of them together and address them on an open forum. Let each and every one express their concerns.

    Emails must be sent with all the participants in loop and suggestions must be invited from their side. The communication has to be transparent for a better employee relationship.

  • Avoid criticism at work. Never make fun of anyone. Pointing mistakes is important but make sure you do not insult the other person. Sit with him. and make him realize his mistakes. Don’t be rude or harsh to anyone.

  • Don’t have separate lunch timings for the employees. Gone are the days when managers and supervisors used to sit in their closed cabins and special peons were assigned to them. The concept has changed now a days and everyone is one working for a common goal. The team leader’s position will not be tarnished if he takes his lunch with his team members. Don’t always discuss work at your office. If it is your colleague’s birthday, do make it a point to wish him in the morning. He will feel happy.

  • Too much of interference in each other’s work is bad and can lead to adverse effects. Don’t unnecessarily peep into each other’s computer screens. One must respect each other’s privacy. It is important to do work together but don’t ask too many questions or tend to irritate others.

    Don’t always try to find out what the other person is up to. Never ever read anyone else’s notes or open any courier or envelope not meant for you. If your colleague has asked you to send a mail from his system on his behalf, make sure you don’t read any of his personal mails.

  • One should be a little positive for better employee relations. Don’t always assume that the other person is wrong. Avoid unnecessary cribbing at workplace. If you are not well, it is better to stay at home rather than going to work and spoiling everyone else’s mood. Try to look at life from a larger perspective. Finding faults in others must be avoided for a better relation.

  • Avoid being selfish at work. Try to help others. Don’t ignore things just because it is not related to you. Understand the other individual’s problem and try your level best to sort it out.

    Every individual needs a break and if your team member asks for a leave do allow him but make sure your work does not suffer. This way your team members would respect you and discuss issues more freely in the future.

  • Efforts must be taken to avoid conflicts at work so that employees come closer to each other, work together and does not lose their focus. They must be cordial with each other for a warm and a healthy ambience at workplace.

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