After Effects of Poor Employee Relationship Management

The relationship among the employees plays an important role in deciding the fate of the organization. Employees must respect each other and come to each other’s help whenever required and look forward towards achieving the organization’s targets.

If the employees do not enjoy a healthy relationship among themselves, problems are bound to arise and ultimately their productivity decreases.

Let us go through the after effects of a poor employee relationship:

  • One must enjoy whatever he does to deliver his best. Lack of interest and focus result in errors and delay in the task. Employees involved in constant disputes tend to spread negativity around and spoil the ambience of the organization. One doesn’t feel like going to office and eventually his work suffers. He starts treating work as a burden. One feels suffocated at places where individuals sitting on adjacent workstations do not talk to each other. Your happiness, sorrows, tensions need to be shared with others.

    Imagine a situation where you are constantly fighting with your siblings at home. Would you ever feel comfortable ? - The answer is no. In the same way if one is involved in constant arguments with his fellow workers, he would never feel like stepping into the office. One needs to have friends at work for him to stay motivated in the organization. No individual can work for 8-9 hours at a stretch. He needs a break and people around for him to relax.

  • In the current scenario only those organizations can survive where work is done in an innovative way. Creativity and innovation comes through discussion. Employees must sit together on an open forum where every employee has the liberty to express his ideas. Every employee comes out with a unique idea which can be evaluated thoroughly to come out with something that has never been thought or implemented before. Employees together can contribute their level best in coming out with something beneficial to them as well as the organization.

  • One needs to have trusted colleagues at work who can guide him and correct him if he is wrong anywhere. If one is spending the maximum part of his time in the office, it is but natural to share some or the other secrets with the team members. If you fight with others, you can’t rely on anyone and things would be really difficult for you. One has to pretend always and can’t speak his heart out.

  • Employees not very satisfied and pleased with their work and management tend to change their jobs frequently. They find it difficult to adjust in such circumstances where one is at loggerheads with the other employee and thus fail to perform.

    Employee retention becomes a major problem when employees do not share a warm relationship with others as well as the management. An organization invests so much of its time in training the new joinees so that they come at par with the other existing employees and it’s really sad when the employees leave midway.

  • If employees have strained relationship with each other, everyone works in his own sweet way and coordination becomes a concern. Employees are reluctant to share their workload and are thus always overburdened and unhappy. They fail to accomplish tasks within the desired time frame and hence the organization suffers. Employees are busy pulling each other’s legs and thus waste all their time which should be ideally used in productive work. The output of the employees in such situations is actually a big zero.

  • Nobody likes to carry tensions back home. Disputes always lead to stress at work and people feel restless even at home. One can’t enjoy anywhere and is sad always.

  • Individuals take frequent leaves from work leading to disciplinary problems at workplace. Nobody bothers to follow the rules and regulations of the organization and the office is a complete mess. Organizations fail to make profits and as a result come to a situation where they need to be shut down.

  • Employees must be comfortable with each other for them to give their hundred percent at work and stay motivated.

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