Business to Business Marketing Strategies

Business to business marketing refers to transaction of goods and services between two businesses.

Let us go through some business to business marketing strategies:

Business buyers are more sophisticated and educated than end-users. Employees appointed for business to business marketing need to understand the requirements of their clients well. Do not try to mislead your client. Provide adequate and relevant information. Never play with words. It will cost you later. Business buyers never believe in emotional and impulse buying. Your brand must stand apart from the rest.

Business to business marketers need to adopt an extremely focused approach. One just can’t afford to be casual towards his/her clients. Do your homework well. Prepare a list of your target clients keeping in mind the products and services your organization offers and how they would be useful to your client. Don’t add names just for the sake of increasing your client list.

In business to business marketing one needs to choose the right mode of communication. Try to fix up a meeting with the concerned person representing your client. Be very polite and confident over the phone. Do not attend phone calls at a noisy place. Keep a pen and paper handy. Politely introduce yourself and your organization. Be a good and patient listener. Ask for a convenient time for meeting. Do not be after your client’s life to fix an appointment.

Always be on time for business meetings. Never ever be late. A Business to business marketing professional always needs to be dressed in formals. Do not forget to carry your business card or other essential documents such as Company brochures, demo kits and so on.

Your business card should contain all the necessary information about you and your organization. If you have a tendency to forget things, keep few business cards either in your wallet or office bag, something which you carry daily to work. Keep a pen and notepad handy. Never write on loose papers in front of the client. It shows your unprofessional attitude. Carry important presentations in your laptop. Do go through your presentation once before leaving for the meeting. No files should be corrupt and make sure your laptop is adequately charged.

Be very confident while interacting with clients. Believe in your brand. Be prepared to answer any of his questions. Remember you just need to convince your client to invest in your organization’s products or services. You just can’t force him for anything. It is simply the client’s decision.

Once the meeting is over, do send the minutes of meeting or points of discussion to the client. Be very careful about your mail body and subject line. Use bullets and highlight information wherever required.

Follow ups are essential but don’t be after the client’s life. Regular reminders and follow ups can sometimes spoil the deal. Send gentle reminders once in a while either through mail or a simple text message. If the client has disconnected your call once, do not keep calling him. If the client is not responding to your emails and messages, it is wise to visit him at his office. You will automatically come to know his /her interest level. If the client still does not respond, move on, else you will be wasting your time and energy. Concentrate on some other client.

As they say “Too many cooks spoil the dish”. In the same way no two individuals should handle a single client. It simply leads to confusions.

Business to business marketing survives on healthy relationship with the client. Maintain a strong relationship with existing and potential clients.

Do not forget your client once the deal is closed. Don’t ignore his calls. After sales service is essential to retain your clients.

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