Building a Business Process Improvement (BPI) Model

Embracing Business Process Improvement program is the ideal way for Organizations to make that leap to the next level and build competitive edge.

Implementing a BPI program gives the Organization several direct and indirect benefits and advantages. It helps the Organization get rid of the redundancies, reduce dependence upon people and eliminate wastage as well as reduce costs too. BPI program can be highly effective when it is owned and sponsored by the Management including the Business Unit Heads. Therefore the first initial step of a BPI program is to form an Executive Improvement Team which will own the responsibility of the entire BPI program.

EIT Orientation

Once the EIT has been formed, it is important for each and every member of the team to know the overall concept of Business Process Improvement and what it can do for the Organization. The EIT would be responsible to decide the scope of the program as well as sponsor the program too through budgets and allocation of resources.

It is imperatively understood further that EIT would head the implementation program by overseeing and chairing the meetings as well as by ensuring that the barriers, road blocks and obstacles that arise during the implementation are removed.

Build a BPI Model

Once the EIT team has been formed, coached on BPI and their role as well as their responsibilities, the next logical sequence would be to draw up a BPI model. This BPI model for the Organization would have to be drawn up by the EIT with assistance from the consultants guiding the BPI Program.

A BPI plan is a master plan or a road map that details the entire scope of the program, the areas and processes covered, the methodology to be adopted as well as the implementation timelines and the costs and budgets involved with the entire plan. This BPI plan helps the management get an overall picture of where to go and how to get to the levels that are envisaged.

BPI should always be built with specific objectives that are deliverable and measurable in terms of the overall achievable targets set for the entire Organization. A BPI program should have twin aims on which the entire model should be built and implemented.

First and foremost, the plan should be able to take the Organization from the current level to the next level that has been bench marked or set by the management in line with their vision and plans for the Organization. Whenever the management plans to embrace a aggressive growth plan, it is imperative that the entire Organization be geared up in terms of entire business operations to be able to operate in the new environment and mode.

Preparing the entire business operations to gear up to the growth path will entail making new investments as well as embracing new business models and processes as required by the business. It is at this juncture that BPI program can help the Organization move to the next level and learn to operate in the new environment in line with the new goals.

Secondly, BPI should aim to remove the redundancies and wastages in the current operations and processes that are not in line with the requirements of the current business operations.

If the business operations and processes are not in line with the new demands that are made upon the Organization, the resulting dead weights and non value adding processes as well as resources can impact the business.

Thus it is for the management to start outlining the requirements and drawing up the story board for a Business Process Improvement program and using this as a tool to steer the business to the next level and in line with the Organizational goals and objectives.

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