Time Management Tips at Workplace

Time management is one of the most essential skills contributing to the success of an employee as well as organization. An employee needs to manage his/her time well to complete assignments within the stipulated time frame and deliver results on time.

Employees often complain of not being able to spend quality time with family members as they have to sit in office till late. Believe me, the problem lies within you only. Learn to make judicious use of time. Remember, time lost can never be regained. Never crib about your job. Your organization is not expecting you to work for free. After all you are being paid for the same.

Let us go through some useful time management tips:

Understand your roles and responsibilities in the organization. You need to very clear as to what is expected out of you. If you are not sure of something, do not accept it in the first place, else immediately discuss with your superiors and fellow workers. There is absolutely no need to say a “yes” to everything. Accept responsibilities as per your expertise, past experience, specialization and interest levels.

Learn to prioritize things. Why waste your time in doing something which is not required at the moment? Tasks which are important and urgent need to be done first followed by tasks which do not need your attention right now. Do not ignore even the minutest problem. It might lead to a major trouble later on and waste half of your time. There will be times when your fellow workers would ask for assistance and guidance. Help others only when you are through with your own assignments. Prepare a “TO DO” list and jot down all important tasks to be finished within a desired time frame.

Do not waste your time in unnecessary gossips at workplace. Avoid taking long tea, lunch and smoke breaks. Limit the duration of personal phone calls in office. Do not unnecessarily waste time in loitering around, surfing useless websites and spreading baseless rumours about co - workers. Is it really necessary to discuss a movie you watched the previous night during office hours? You can do it later as well. Afterall, nothing is more important than your career growth and success. Yes, you can and should take small breaks in between as practically no human being can work continuously at a stretch for eight to nine hours. Be realistic. If it is your birthday or any other special day, please take a leave and enjoy. Do not come to office unwillingly just to please your boss as you would end up doing nothing and wasting your entire day.

Do not answer unwanted phone calls and emails. Instant messaging services keep you busy with your cell phone the entire day.

Avoid doing personal work at office. Avoid booking movie tickets, paying your mobile bills, browsing facebook, Linkedin at workplace to save time and concentrate on productive work.

Organize your desk at least once in a week. Keep things at proper places. It saves your time which goes in unnecessary searching.

Last but not the least; nothing would help unless and until you yourself realize the importance of time management. Be punctual. Reach office on time, finish your work and leave on time. No one will come to know if you bunk your office or waste time in doing unproductive things. Your boss can’t keep a check on you always. Your purpose of attending office needs to be clear. At the end of the day, your work only speaks for itself. Believe me, if you are in trouble, even your most trusted fellow workers would back out.

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