Time Management Skills

The judicious use of time by an individual to succeed in all aspects of life refers to Time Management.

Time Management not only helps individuals to make the best use of time but also ensures successful accomplishment of tasks within the stipulated time frame.

It is essential to do the right thing at the right time to earn respect at work. People who do not value time fail to make a mark and are never taken seriously.

Let us go through some skills necessary for effective Time Management:

  1. Stay Organized

    • The workstation must be kept clean and organized.

    • Keeping important files organized helps you retrieve them immediately and thus saves time which goes on unnecessary searching. Staple important documents together.

    • Do not keep stacks of files and heaps of paper on your desk. Throw whatever you don’t need.

    • Keep stationery items and your personal belongings like cell phone, car keys, wallet at their proper places.

    • Develop the habit of using an organizer. Plan your day well in advance.

    • Never write on loose papers. Keep a notepad and pen handy.

  2. Learn to Prioritize

    • Set your priorities. Do not work just for the sake of working.

    • Prepare a “Task Plan” or a “To Do” List the moment you settle down for work. Jot down all the activities you wish to do in a single day as per importance and urgency.

    • High priority tasks must be attended to immediately. Do not start your day with something which does not require your immediate attention.

    • Tick off completed tasks. It gives you a sense of relief and satisfaction.

    • An employee must understand the difference between high and low priority tasks and also between important and urgent work.

    • Do not indulge in irrelevant activities. You will waste your entire day and the output would be zero.

    • Be clear about your roles and responsibilities at the workplace.

  3. Be Punctual and Disciplined

    • Being punctual helps you complete tasks way ahead of deadline.

    • Avoid taking too many leaves from work. Such an attitude is completely unprofessional.

    • Make sure you are there at your desk five minutes before your actual time.

    • Strive hard to complete tasks on time. Do not keep assignments pending and wait for the last minute.

  4. Take Ownership of work

    • Do not work only when your boss is around. Work for yourself. The dedication has to come from within.

    • Be responsible for your work and learn to accept your mistakes.

    • If you have accepted something, then it becomes your responsibility to complete it within the allotted time slot.

  5. Be a little Diplomatic

    • Do not accept everything which comes your way. A polite “NO” in the beginning will save your reputation later.

    • The employees must be delegated responsibilities as per their specialization and background. This way they take more interest and eventually finish work on time.

  6. More Focused

    • Be a little focused and concentrate on work. Do not waste time by loitering and gossiping around.

    • Do not take long personal calls at work. Finish off work and leave for the day on time. You will have ample time to catch up with your friends or log on to social networking sites. Playing games while you are at work is something which is not expected out of a professional.

  7. Be reasonable

    • No individual can work for the whole day. Do include some time in your daily schedule to speak to your team member sitting next to you.

    • Do not over burden yourself.

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