Time Management Tips for Students

Time Management is nothing but managing time well and doing the right thing at the right time. It is essential for individuals to allocate specific time slots to tasks as per their importance and urgency.

Time Management plays a pivotal role not only in organizations but also in an individual’s personal life. Students aspiring for management courses or for that matter any professional course need to value time to reach the pinnacle of success and stay firmly entrenched at the top.

Let us go through some Time Management tips for Students:

  • Set a goal for yourself. Know what you want to achieve in life. Take a pen and paper and write down where you want to see yourself five years from now. Setting an objective for yourself gives you a sense of direction.

  • Organize your study space. Arrange books and study material properly at their respective places. Stationery items must not be scattered on the table.

  • Plan your studies. Understand what all subjects are important and need to be done first. Go through your syllabus carefully. Find out the weightage of each subject and prepare a Task plan accordingly. Jot down what all subjects you think should be covered in a single day against specific time slots. Make sure you cover important topics first and then come to relatively easier ones. Beginning your day with something which is not that important is a sheer waste of time.

  • Tick off subjects you have already completed. Give yourself a pat on your back.Remember self motivation is one of the greatest tools for success.

  • Avoid munching while studying. Prefer fruits, salads rather than calorie laden burgers, wafers, pizza etc. They make you feel sleepy and also add to your weight.

  • Do a SWOT Analysis of yourself. There is no harm in writing your weaknesses. Understand in which all areas you need to work hard. Ignoring difficult subjects is of no use. You have to do them anyways. Assign extra time to critical subjects. Be logical.

  • Remove all sources of distractions from your study zone. Prefer not to keep magazines, comics, novels, CDs, video games in your study room. Studying and watching television simultaneously is nothing but a waste of time.

  • Do include some time for relaxation as well. No individual can study continuously at a stretch. One needs time to relax and unwind.

  • Assign some time for revision as well. Revision is essential and it makes you perfect.

  • Do not go for long calls during study time. One needs to set his /her priorities. Understand what is more important for you? Remember you will have ample time to catch up with all your friends once you clear your entrance exams and get into one of your dream business schools.

  • Make sure your study space is well lit and ventilated. Dark corners make you feel sleepy and one finds it difficult to concentrate in studies and eventually wastes half of his/her time.

  • It is essential to choose the right time for studies. MBA preparation is no joke and requires focus, concentration and planning. Prefer studying in the morning hours with less or no disturbance.

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