Role of Work Culture in Employee Behaviour

Work culture plays an essential role in influencing employee behaviour. An employee needs to feel comfortable at workplace for him to deliver his level best.

Encourage your employees to work in teams rather than working alone. Individuals who work in isolation tend to be overburdened and hence are frustrated and often criticize fellow workers and superiors.

Let people take help of each other. Encourage effective communication at workplace. Employees should be able to interact with each other to share their experiences and come to innovative solutions.

Half of the problems evaporate in a friendly work culture. People feel happy coming to work and seldom complain or crib over petty issues. Conflicts and misunderstandings lead to no solution.

Trust me; you do not feel like stepping into your organization where team members do not gel with each other. No employee can work at a stretch and it is essential to take breaks in between.

Being too strict with employees does not help. No one will bother to listen to you. Encourage employees to interact with individuals of other departments as well. Individuals sort out half of their problems just by discussing things amongst themselves. Managers need to trust their employees.

Adopt a flexible attitude. Do not impose unnecessary restrictions on them. Allow them to take decisions on their own. Let them take ownership of their jobs. Employees this way start taking their jobs seriously and avoid getting into nasty office politics.

Encourage employees not to make fun of co workers. Each and every employee ought to be treated as one. Never humiliate anyone just because he/she is poor or comes to office by public transportation. It hardly matters.

It is really difficult to work in an environment where people criticize each other and pass lewd comments. Female employees ought to be treated with respect. Do not try to dominate or exploit them.

Rules and regulations should be same for every employee. How can you scold your executive when the Vice President or General Manager also comes late to work? There is absolutely no need of granting any special liberties to people representing top management. If you do so, please do not blame others for not adhering to codes of conduct. Be logical to your team members. Do not force them to attend office on their birthdays or other special days. It is absolutely okay if they take leave for genuine reasons. Do not interfere too much in their lives.

Small events and get-togethers also lead to a healthy work culture and individuals feel attached towards the organization.

Why do employees badmouth their organization? Why do people think of changing their jobs within six months? Why do individuals always complain about their jobs? Think.

The answer is really very simple. Such things happen when there is nothing new and interesting to do. The job needs to be challenging. Sincere and diligent employees ought to be appreciated. Hard work must not go unnoticed.

Competition is essential but it should not lead to unnecessary pressure on employees. Grievances must be discussed in private. Employees should feel safe in the organization.

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