Role of Communication in Employee Behaviour

Communication is one of the most essential factors influencing employee’s behaviour. Employee’s perception towards the organization and their team manager determines their behaviour.

Communication enables employees to understand what their organization wants them to do? Communication helps in changing an individual’s attitude and thought process.

Managers need to know whether their team members are facing any sort of problems or not? How would you come to know what your subordinates are up to unless and until you interact with them? Problematic employees, if ignored become a major cause of trouble later on. Sit with them, discuss and try to resolve the problem as soon as possible. You need to make them feel special and important. Show that you care for them.

If you come across any employee who does not come to office on time and sits till late, intervene immediately. Do some research personally. Find out whether everything is fine on his/her personal front or not?

It has been observed that individuals who have strained relationship with their partners or family members prefer working till late to avoid problems at home. Such individuals not only suffer from stress but also spoil the work culture. Call them to your cabin or conference room and discuss in private. Try to give them a solution. Lend a sympathetic ear to their problems. Discussions always lead to concrete solutions.

It is essential for managers to sit with their team members at least once in a week. Monitor their performance regularly. Give them correct feedbacks. Assign them new responsibilities and encourage them to accomplish tasks within the stipulated time frame. Believe me, this way; employees develop a sense of loyalty and attachment towards the organization. They feel happy coming to work.

Some people have a habit of fighting over petty issues. Speak to them and make them aware of the ill effects of conflicts and misunderstandings. Make them realize how important it is to behave sensibly at the workplace. Employees need to interact with each other to break the ice and feel comfortable at the workplace. Rather than fighting, it is always better to talk and find a mutually beneficial solution. If you are facing any sort of trouble, please do not hesitate to discuss with your superiors. There is no use of cribbing and criticizing others. Verbal communication plays a crucial role in strengthening the relationship among fellow workers and their team managers.

Managers need to pay attention to the needs and demands of employees. Communicate and help the employees understand the company’s goals and objectives. Make sure employees understand their roles and responsibilities. Communicating by speaking face to face rather than interacting only through emails plays an imperative role in motivating the employees to deliver their level best. Communication helps employees understand organization’s behaviour standards and how they need to behave as a mature and sensible professional.

Greet your employees with a smile. Remember, a pleasant smile can not only make the other individual happy but also set his/her mood for the day. Communication helps employees develop a positive attitude towards work and organization on the whole.

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