Role of Communication in Presentation and Speech

To deliver an effective presentation or speech, an individual has to take care of his communication and it has to be really impressive and effective. No one will really take the pains to listen to your ideas unless and until your communication is effective and impressive.

Only speaking is not the solution, how you deliver your presentation or speech is more important and thus should be taken good care of.

Before delivering any presentation, make it a habit to read your presentation aloud once or twice as it will definitely give you the needed confidence. You must be clear with each and every slide.

Never deliver your presentation in a noisy area as it would distract the audience and they would never be able to concentrate on your presentation and thus nullifying its effect. Prefer a conference room or the board room with pin drop silence for the same. It is the prime responsibility of every member in the audience as well as the speaker to keep their mobiles in the silent mode.

The speaker must also be very careful about his dressing. Your dress code must be formal with light colours. Wear a formal tie, shoes must be polished and avoid wearing bracelets or any other jewellery as the clattering sound can act as a disturbing element. Never be shabby or adopt a casual approach. Look your best on the day of the presentation.

Speak clearly and convincingly and do take care of your accent. Communicate in the most convincing and impressive way. Carefully convert your thoughts into content. The content has to be very sensible, related to the topic and above all convey your information in the best possible way.

Your words have to instantly hit the audience and have a long and a lasting impression on them. Take care how you speak. Don’t keep half of your words in your mouth or stammer. Don’t forget to take pauses in between slides. You can also include some light jokes in between to break the monotony.

The best possible way to keep the last bench audience awake is to reach out to them also. Don’t just speak for the person sitting under your nose. The tone has to be loud enough so that everyone is able to hear you properly and above all understand you well.

Speak slowly with the desired expressions. Don’t rush. Keep your presentation interactive and ask lots of questions from the audience - a very simple way to find out whether they are attentive or not. The pie charts, graphs, tables might be very simple for you, but can be complicated for the others. Make it a point to explain the pictorial representations properly preferably with the aid of a scale or a pointer.

It is not only the verbal communication which is important but also the non verbal communication which should never be ignored.

Your facial expressions must be in tune with the content. If your slides indicate that you have overachieved your target a particular month, smile. Never smile if there is a dip in your performance in the next slide. Look positive and promising. Learn how to keep a check on your emotions.

Take care of your postures, hand movements as well. Stand straight and never fiddle with a pen or play with your tie. It reflects your nervousness and works against you. Don’t chew nails in between or yawn. It is a strict NO-NO in presentations or any formal meetings. Maintain an eye contact with your audience for that BANGON Effect.

Always keep some time for the question answer round in the end. The listeners must also not jump in between with their questions as it can spoil the momentum of the presentation. Wait for the right moment. You must appreciate the hard work the speaker has put in preparing the presentation.

Jot down your questions and always ask them once the presentation is over. The speaker must not ignore the smallest detail before the presentation, but if he is unable to answer any question he should handle the situation very smartly. Don’t start sweating, be confident and answer them later. The listeners should also never criticize or make fun of the speaker. He is also a human being and can make mistakes. Give the speaker a proper feedback and do applaud him once he is through with his presentation. He will feel elated.

The content and your communication skills go hand in hand to create an effective presentation. Don’t be too conscious, just be yourself, practice well and give your best and you will never fail to create wonders.

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