Role of Attitude in Employee Relationship

The performance of an individual is largely dependent on the relation he/she shares with his/her colleagues. It is really important that individuals are friendly with their colleagues so that they can discuss several issues with each other and come to a conclusion best suited to all. No individual can perform alone.

Tasks are accomplished at a much faster rate when the work load is shared among all and each one contributes in his best possible way. Nothing productive has ever come out of conflicts and disputes. They in turn lead to major rifts among employees and create stress at the workplace. Why to unnecessarily spoil relations with people? You never know when you might need the other person.

Attitude plays an important role in improving the relationship among the individuals. Nothing is possible unless and until an individual has a positive attitude towards life. You might have excellent communication skills, might be an intelligent worker, but if you don’t have a positive attitude; you would definitely fail to create an impression of yours. People would be reluctant to speak to you and you would be left all alone.

An individual should never ever have a negative attitude at workplace. It is dangerous. Your organization pays you and in turn expects quality work from you, so why unnecessarily crib over things.

It is always better to accept things with a smiling face. If your boss assigns you some task, it means that he finds you capable enough to handle the assignment. Consider yourself fortunate and the chosen one. Don’t make faces as your superior might feel bad and eventually lose his trust on you. Clear all your doubts with the person, who has delegated you the responsibility, rather than criticising and making fun in front of others who are not involved.

Don’t always find faults in others. No two individuals are alike. The other person might not be as intelligent or as educated as you are, try your level best to adjust with him. Adjustment does not mean accepting any wrong things, rather it is compromising sometimes.

Sam and Sara were team members and sat at adjacent workstations. Sam had a habit of constantly chatting over the phone with his friends and family, which sometimes irritated Sara.

Case - 1 Sara always thought that Sam did it intentionally to disturb her. She fought with Sam terribly and now has strained relationship with her team member.

Case - 2 Sara spoke to Sam about her displeasure, convinced him and requested him to either speak a little low or go outside for attending calls. Now a days Sara and Sam are best of friends and together they contribute effectively to their team’s targets.

Case 2 is any day a far better option.

One should not be too rigid or adamant. Be a little more flexible. Don’t always assume that the other person is wrong and only you are correct. You may be wrong sometimes. Listen to what the other person has to say and then only come to a conclusion. Don’t take any decisions with a blocked mind.

An individual should not make issues out of small things. It is always better to forget things. Ignore things as long as they are not affecting your team’s performance. Don’t take things to heart. The more you become negative for your colleagues, the more you fight with them and in turn spoil your relationship.

Helping Attitude

One should be forgiving. If your boss is angry with you over something, do take the initiative and say a sorry to him. A simple “Sorry” can actually do wonders. If you do not have the courage to talk to him, send him a sms. Saying sorry will not lower your self-esteem, instead it would strengthen the bond between you and your superior.

One should never backstab anyone just for the sake of a mere promotion or some money. It is unethical. Human relationships are more important and should be valued.

Don’t carry your ego to work. Everyone is equal at workplace. Respect one and all as everyone is an employee just like you. Don’t treat anyone as untouchables.

One should always keep his personal life separate from his professional affairs. Don’t drag your personal tensions to work. Try to keep a balance between the two. You cannot afford to ill-treat your colleague just because you had a fight with your spouse the previous night. Your fellow team members have nothing to do with it. Learn to enjoy life. One should always look at the brighter side of life.

Treat your colleagues as your friends. Give them time and try to mingle with them as much as you can. Go out together for shopping or for a movie once in a while. You will feel attached to them. The trust factor and the comfort level increases.

Remember there is always some light at the end of a dark tunnel. Never lose hope in life. Stay positive, be good to others and enjoy a healthy relation with one and all.

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