Relationship Building at Workplace - An Overview

Let me first ask you all a question. Where do individuals spend the major part of their day?

Yes, it is their respective organizations - a place where people work to earn their bread and butter. Do you think you can afford to have enemies at a place where you spend eight to nine hours everyday? The answer is an absolute NO. One needs to enjoy his/her work for maximum output and increased productivity.

Trust me, work becomes a burden if you do not have people around to talk to or discuss and brainstorm ideas to reach to better solutions. Who says one cannot have friends at the workplace? It is absolutely okay to trust your colleagues provided you don’t cross your limits and disclose confidential matters.

Healthy relationship at the workplace not only leads to a positive ambience but also goes a long way in extracting the best out of individuals. Rather than cribbing and complaining, it always pays to look at the brighter sides of life.

Every person has some positives and negatives. An intelligent person is one who always ignores the negative qualities of his/her colleague and glorifies the strengths. Learn to keep a check on your emotions.

Remember, conflicts lead to no solutions whereas on the other hand smile is a curve which sets things straight. Be polite and cordial with your fellow workers. Learn to respect them. You have no rights to make fun of your colleagues irrespective of their family status, designation or income.

After all everyone including you at the workplace is contributing towards a common goal - i.e. generating revenues for the organization. Criticism ought to be avoided at the workplace. An individual needs to know how to work in teams to excel in today’s business scenario.

As an efficient team player, you need to pay attention to your colleagues’ ideas as well. Believe me, sooner or later you would be thrown out of your office if you are engaged in constant fights with your superiors and fellow workers.

Ask yourself what would I gain if I fight with my team members? Finding faults in people is easy but accepting them as they are and changing yourself is the challenge one needs to accept. Rather than arguing, it is better to ignore the person who you think creates trouble for you. A boss is a boss no matter at what time he comes to work and at what time he leaves for the day. You just can’t argue with your managers or team leaders.

Have your lunch together with your fellow workers. Organize pool lunches, birthday parties at the workplace. Such initiatives go a long way in breaking the ice among employees and also strengthen the relationship. Wish each other on important festivals, anniversaries, birthdays but yes do not be too personal with anyone. There is no point in revealing personal secrets and confidential official matters.

One needs to be mature enough to understand that having a friend at the workplace does not mean you have to disclose your team’s important strategies. Learn to draw a line as it might lead to complications later on. Rather than calling your fellow team members on every occasion, you can also drop them a SMS. Believe me, it would do the trick.

Learn to trust your colleagues. Before pointing fingers at others ask yourself are you perfect? Learn to nourish and maintain your relationships with people around you. You never know when you might need the other person. If you have a problem with someone it is always better to talk, discuss and sort out things amongst one-selves.

In this world, there is no problem which does not have a solution. It is essential to have a healthy relationship at workplace if you really want to enjoy your work and do well in life.

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