Newsletters, Press Releases, and Writing for the Press

Press Releases and their Importance

The previous articles discussed the various aspects of media and the role of media in shaping public opinion. We had also discussed how press conferences and press meets are to be organized and listed some points for the successful media management strategies.

Continuing in the same vein, this article discusses how newsletters, press releases, and writing for the press have to be done especially in the context of the digital revolution and the advent of electronic media.

To start with, press releases form an integral component of media management strategies and are considered the interfacing point between the stakeholders and the press.

As discussed earlier, press releases are preludes to press conferences as well as substitutes to press meets.

If an individual, institution, or organization does not have the time to hold a press meet or if the matter is not weighty enough to have a press conference, a press release can take the place of the formal interaction.

Apart from this, whenever press conferences have to be called, there has to be a press release that precedes it as the mediapersons must know the topic and the content to be discussed in the press meet. This is the reason why press releases are usually drafted by professionals who have experience in media management and public relations.

Writing for the Press

The second aspect of writing for the press is important for those in the writing profession, as they must know whom to approach and how to approach to begin a working relationship with media houses.

For instance, not all media houses advertise regularly for positions and hence, the writers must know the points of contact in the media houses and approach them with their credentials in order to be considered for a position with them. They can also freelance which means that they take work on an ad hoc basis and not on a continuous basis.

Writers must have their portfolios ready so that they can send it to the media contacts to be considered for writing work. The portfolio can consist of the resume, sample articles, and any other information that the writers feel would add value to their candidature.


In this electronic media driven environment, newsletters are an important component of ensuring the dissemination of information to the people.

Hence, many organizations have full time employees working on producing newsletters that serve as a window to the external world and publicize the achievements of the organization. Taken together with pamphlets and other promotional material, newsletters form an integral component of the media management strategies.

Final Thoughts

Finally, one needs to be astute and savvy when dealing with the media as communication is important and the right message has to be sent out. There is no point in either overextending the message or underwhelming the message.

The key to successful media management is to draft the right message and ensure that it reaches the targeted audience without noise or leakage creeping in.

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