Objectives of Career Development Systems

Career development has become primary activity of organizations in order to create a pool of talented employees as well as enhance their career satisfaction. Along with this, it is also considered as an organized and planned process to improve the efficiency of organization.

In common terms, we may look upon it as an effort to strike a balance between organizational workforce requirements and individual career needs.

Employees have their own personal desires and aspirations and need to effectively utilize their personal skills to attain their career goals and objectives. On the other hand, organizations have needs for staffing and meeting present and future human resource requirements.

A career development system is a mechanism that takes both the parties in to consideration and helps them meet their requirements as well as objectives.

Objectives of Career Development Systems

  • Fostering Better Communication in Organization: The main objective of designing a career development system is to foster better communication within the organization as a whole.

    It promotes communication at all levels of organizations for example manager and employee and managers and top management. Proper communication is the lifeblood of any organization and helps in solving several big issues.

  • Assisting with Career Decisions: A career development system provides employees as well as managers with helpful assistance with career decisions. They get an opportunity to assess their skills and competencies and know their goals and future aspirations. It helps them give a direction so that they can focus on achieving their long term career goals.

  • Better Use of Employee Skills: A career development system helps organization make better use of employee skills. Since managers know their skills and competencies and therefore, can put them at a job where they will be able to produce maximum output.

  • Setting Realistic Goals: Setting realistic goals and expectations is another main objective of a career development system. It helps both employees and organization to understand what is feasible for them and how they can achieve their goals.

  • Creating a Pool of Talented Employees: Creating a pool of talented employees is the main objective of organizations. After all, they need to meet their staffing needs in present and future and a career development system helps them fulfill their requirements.

  • Enhancing the Career Satisfaction: Organizations especially design career development systems for enhancing the career satisfaction of their employees. Since they have to retain their valuable assets and prepare them for top notch positions in future, they need to understand their career requirements and expectations from their organization.

  • Feedback: Giving feedback on every step is also required within an organization to measure the success rate of a specific policy implemented and initiatives taken by the organization. In addition to this, it also helps managers to give feedback for employees’ performance so that they can understand what is expected of them.

A career development system can be very effective in creating a supportive culture in the organization and help employees grow and utilize their skills to achieve their desires and aspirations related to their career. Both organization and employees can meet their goals simultaneously.

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