Information System for Talent Management


Information technology and system have changed the way business gets conducted. Every decision-making process is enhanced with utilization of an information system. Information systems have been deployed by human-resource team to enhance employee employer relationship.

Companies require great deal of contribution from employee for its success though information systems have made several processes automated.

Talent Management

Talent management and human-resource management are completely two different fields, although the human-resource team is responsible for talent management.

Talent management is organization focus towards complete management of recruitment, retention, development of brightest talent available. The focus of talent management is to attract best talent in the market and convert them into efficient and effective work force. Talent management team is responsible for hiring, maintaining and retaining the best talent.

Talent Management Evolution

Talent management finds its roots in earlier workforce management and human management concept. Earlier concept saw intervention of human resource in managing and retaining talent. However with talent management, this responsibility is transferred to manager.

Talent management empowers manager to take upon greater responsibility. The manager is actively involved from talent acquisition, recruitment process, retaining and development of the employee. Organizations have their own approach towards talent management. Certain organizations include only their star performers as part of talent management, whereas some organizations consider all staff within talent management.

Talent Management as a Strategic Tool

Talent management is actively used by organization as a strategic tool. Companies need to blend talent management with business strategy as to boost employee management activities. The onus of attracting and managing the best industry talent is on the respective managers.

Organization needs to develop a process through which employee talent can be recognized and shared. This would enable best utilization of talent across the organization.

Employees are encouraged to manage their individual development plan.

Talent Management System

A talent management system is an information technology solution to manage four corner points of human-resource management:

  1. Recruitment,
  2. Performance management,
  3. Learning-development management and
  4. Compensation management.

The existing enterprise resource planning systems are focused on employee transaction such as payroll, leave management, etc. The talent management system looks at providing human-resource solution for long-term strategic goals.

The key features and development history are as follows:

  • Talent management system became a reality with the advent of client/server technology. It was now possible to electronically manage applicant base important for multi-national companies. The Internet and data analytics also helped the development of the talent management system.

  • Talent management system became important to manage high-performance work environment, reduced top management attrition, increase employee satisfaction, create talent pipeline, and develop better compensation models and creation of uniform performance measure metrics.

  • The two driving points of the talent management system are recruitment and retention.

An organization needs to align its business strategy with human-resource strategy to develop and manage effective talent management system. A development of the talent management system requires the following:

  • Finalization of various competencies around which future development of an employee is to take place.

  • Creating of a human-resource model to rank and stack the existing workforce.

  • Examine the current human-resource process to identify the developmental areas.

  • Develop tools to increase existing talent pool.

  • Pro-actively identifies future skill set requirements and manages the talent pool accordingly.

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