The Importance of Networking for Management Graduates and Professionals

Networking for Management Graduates

If you are in a business school or college, chances are that networking would be useful to you to make a difference in your eventual career.

For instance, networking can be a great method of knowing about how the real world companies work and this is especially important for those business school students who want to make a mark in investment banking and consultancies as their seniors and fellow alumni can enlighten them about the skills and the traits needed to make it big in these professions. Moreover, it is a known fact that many companies like to offer summer internships and placements to students from the institutes where those companies have recruited in the past and therefore, keeping in touch with alumni can greatly help the students to get a foothold in the corporate world.

Apart from this, students can also benefit from networking by knowing about the latest business trends and happenings in the corporate world and preparing themselves accordingly to take advantage of the latest trends.

Of course, as we mention in the next section, it would be better if networking were kept at the professional level and unethical practices avoided as far as possible. The key aspect here is that as long as networking is done for positive purposes, it yields good returns for everybody.

Networking for Professionals

Networking does not end once one graduate from school. In fact, it enters a new phase when one starts one’s professional life. Networking is very important for one’s career growth as new opportunities and job offers that are not publicized can come one’s way.

Further, by having one’s resume forwarded by one’s peers and friends, there are more chances that one can get recruited as many companies depend on internal referrals for recruitment.

Apart from this, professionals can get to know the tips and strategies that would contribute to success from one’s professional networks.

Indeed, one of the downsides of professional networking is insider trading that is exemplified by the recent scandals in the United States where many Asian Americans were convicted because they were passing on tips about stocks to each other.

Leaving aside these downsides, professionals need to remember that as long as they keep the interactions at the level of professionalism, networking can be a great method through which one learns new aspects about one’s career and professional growth. Therefore, do remember to update your LinkedIn profiles whenever you change jobs and do remember to network with as many people as possible.

Networking in the Age of Social Media

With the advent of social media and web 2.0, networking has become a lot easier. It is no longer necessary to research the whereabouts of school and college friends as well as professional colleagues as Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media tools allow us to keep in touch with our entire network of acquaintances across countries and continents.

Indeed, the advent of social media has made networking into a mass based activity wherein anyone with an internet connection can connect to anyone in the world anywhere and anytime. This is the power of social media that is being harnessed by alumni and professional networks in their quest to engage with peers, friends, and colleagues.

Indeed, alumni meets are now being organized easily and at times, in the virtual world as networking has taken on an entirely new dimension with social media. If you just join Facebook or LinkedIn, chances are that you can connect with your classmates, bosses, subordinates, coworkers, and even recruiters who can offer you good leads for your next career move.

Concluding Remarks

Having considered the various aspects of networking, it would be worthwhile to note that networking is indeed important at each stage of one’s education and career. After all, it does not harm to say the occasional hi to one’s peers and it is certainly important to wish one’s connections in Facebook and LinkedIn on their birthdays.

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