Importance of Being Efficient at Workplace

Before we begin this topic, let us throw some light on the following example.

Peter and John were best friends who did their studies together at Alpha management school (Just an example).They both got their first jobs in XYZ Organization as marketing executives. Within a span of five years, Peter was promoted as Vice President - Marketing while John was still a Marketing Manager.

What do you think went wrong? Where is the problem? In such circumstances, individuals tend to blame their superiors, criticize their fellow workers and eventually start searching for a new job. How many companies would you change? Believe me, you would find a new problem everywhere.

Peter was efficient, reliable, proactive and always delivered results on time. He was a favourite among his clients who never even thought of going elsewhere. John, on the other hand had other priorities. He attended office just to receive his monthly pay check. He wasted his time in loitering around, chatting with friends over the phone, helping others and so on. That is the importance of being efficient at workplace.

Come what may, you need to follow deadlines and deliver quality results within the desired time frame. Problems would come everywhere but you have to find a solution yourself. Never blame others. No one else except you yourself is responsible for your own work.

Why would an organization hire you if you are incapable of delivering quality results within the desired time frame? An individual should learn to prioritize things and plan his day well in advance. What is the use of concentrating on something which is not very urgent and required at the moment? Understand what is important and urgent. Employees need to be quick and efficient to make a mark of their own and outshine their fellow workers.

In the above example, top managers always favoured Peter as they knew that he would complete work on time whereas John was often not involved in major projects.

Understand, your client would pay you only when you deliver their work/projects on time? If you fail to deliver on time, neither your organization will receive the money from the client on time nor would the client come back to you again. They would also badmouth your organization and take away several existing customers. There has to be a TAT (turnaround time) for every process and project.

If the turnaround time of a particular process is say 2 days, it has to be completed within 2 days; else other interrelated processes suffer, delaying the entire project. Employees need to focus on their work. Do not attend office for anyone else but yourself. Do not keep on waiting for approvals from your superiors. Instead, speak to them, take decisions and act immediately. Your goals need to be clear.

If you are not aware of a particular skill or process, seek help immediately. Put your personal problems on the backburner at workplace and strive hard to accomplish assignments on time. Believe me, if you are not efficient and proactive, you will soon be shown the exit door.

Developing a laidback attitude at work would not help you in the long run. Reach office on time, plan your day, jot down what all needs to be done, focus on work, finish it, leave on time and enjoy your personal life to the fullest. This way, you would not only climb the success ladder within the shortest possible time frame but also lead a stress free and happy life and enjoy coming to work.

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Workplace Efficiency