Employee Behavioural Issues

One would find problematic employees everywhere. They need to be dealt with utmost patience and maturity. An employee with a “Problem attitude” is a nightmare not only for the team managers but also for the entire organization.

Let us go through few common employee behavioural issues.

Do not carry your ego to work. Remember, ego has no place in organizations. You need to respect each and every individual who is directly or indirectly associated with the organization. You can’t afford to be rude with an individual just because he is an executive or comes to office by public transportation. Such things hardly matter at workplaces where work speaks for itself. Speak politely and softly.

Employees do not follow the rules and regulations of workplace. Some employees have a tendency to come late to work, sit idle and leave on time. The entire day, they would either be on phone chatting with friends or waste their time gossiping and loitering around. Such individuals’ only work when their Bosses are around. They avoid taking ownership of their jobs and merely depend on blame games. Receiving their monthly pay check is the only reason as to why they attend office. Believe me; such an attitude will not help you in the long run. You need to be serious towards your work if you wish to climb the ladder of success within the shortest possible time frame.

Individuals prefer working in isolation and are reluctant to share knowledge and information with others. They do not believe in helping others and are often lost in their own world. Employees need to work in teams for them not only to finish assignments on time but also brainstorm ideas, think out of the box and come to innovative solutions, eventually benefitting the organization.

Problems arise when employees treat their organization as a mere source of earning money. Some individuals think that taking office stationery to home is absolutely normal and does not cause any major harm to the organization. What they do not realize is that taking something home which is meant to be used in office only is equivalent to stealing. How would you feel if someone calls you a thief? Obviously no one would like it. What is the need of stealing office property? Tampering with important information is a crime. Do not disclose confidential matters to any of your clients. It pays to be loyal towards one’s organization. You need to respect your organization to expect the same in return.

Some individuals have a habit of badmouthing their organization and speaking ill of their bosses. Never criticize your team members. If you have a problem with someone, it is always better to discuss and sort out issues in private. There is no point of cribbing over minor issues.

Avoid speaking lies at workplace. Why can’t we be honest with our bosses? Believe me, no one will mind if we take leaves for genuine reasons. No one will ask you to come to office if you are extremely unwell.

One of the most common employee behavioural problems is that people do not enjoy their work. Try to do something new and innovative every day. Discuss with your reporting manager immediately if there is a job mismatch. Do not accept responsibilities just because your Boss has asked you do so. Learn to say a polite but firm no if you feel you are overburdened or would not be able to do justice with the new role.

Some individuals do not willingly participate in employee development activities. Do not attend trainings just to mark your attendance. Try to extract as much as you can. Do not hesitate to upgrade your skills with time and acquire new learning. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you are lacking a particular skill. Find out what all additional skills would help you perform better. Register for various online or distance learning courses to hone your skills.

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