Employee Behaviour Standards

Every organization has certain codes of conduct and every employee needs to follow the same in order to maintain the decorum. Employees need to be aware of the rules and regulations as well as behaviour standards and what is expected of them in the organization. Do not behave irrationally at workplace. Managers need to make employees aware of the values, ethics, responsibilities and how they should behave at the workplace. In most organizations, subordinates follow their team managers who are often their role models. It is rightly said that a manager’s behaviour plays an important role in influencing the behaviour of his/her subordinates. As a manager, one should never badmouth his/her organization or speak ill of anyone.

Let us go through some behaviour standards:

It is an individual’s moral responsibility to abide by the organization’s policies. Come what may, you have to follow the timings of organization. You can’t give any excuse. Make sure you start a little early from home in order to reach on or before time. It is really foolish to blame traffic for getting late. Office timings are same for everyone irrespective of designation and level in the hierarchy.

Treat everyone as one. Do not treat female counterparts as less efficient. Female colleagues need to be treated with respect. Passing lewd comments, harassing them and making obscene remarks are not at all acceptable at workplace. Infact such employees should be thrown out of the organization immediately. Do not ask your female employees to sit till late at workplace unless and until there is an emergency. Even if they have to sit, please make sure that you make proper arrangements for them. Arrange a cab which can drop them home at night.

Believe me, it is a crime to damage office’s property. How can you steal your office stationery when you know that it is meant to be used only in office? How much does a pen cost? I don’t think anyone needs to steal a pen; everyone can afford to buy it. These are all negative habits which one needs to get rid of immediately, if he /she wants to survive in the long run. Do not write on desk or spoil your office infrastructure. Some people have a habit of jotting down phone numbers on walls. Such a practice is absolutely childish and not acceptable at workplace. Why can’t we keep a small note pad with us to note down all important contact numbers and keep necessary information handy?

Do not speak loudly over the phone. Remember, you are not the only person working. Speak softly and politely. Never criticize or make fun of fellow workers.

Do not disclose confidential information to anyone, not even to your close friends or family members. Internal plans and strategies must not be shared with anyone. It is unethical to break your manager’s or team leader’s trust. Do not pass on any important information to any of your external clients. Tampering with information is a crime. Such things are really not expected out of a mature professional. Respect your organization to expect the same in return.

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