How to Practice Effective Time Management at Workplace

Time Management refers to assigning specific time slots to activities as per their importance and urgency in order to make the best possible use of time.

In a layman’s language Time Management is nothing but to manage time well and doing things when they actually need to be done.

Every organization works on deadlines. An individual constantly needs to be on his/her toes to finish off assignments within stipulated time frame.

It is essential for employees to understand the value of time for them to do well and make a mark of their own at the workplace.

How to practice effective time management in organization?

  • Know your targets well. Do not hesitate to speak to your Boss if targets are unrealistic and unachievable within the allocated time slot. It is always better to discuss things at the initial stages than cutting a sorry figure later on. Accept tasks only when you are confident.

  • There is absolutely no harm in discussing work with your fellow workers. You can’t do almost everything on your own. Distribute work amongst your team members. It is foolish to over burden yourself. One must share his/her work load with others to finish assignments within the stipulated time frame. Know your capabilities.

  • Organize yourself. Be very careful about your files, important documents, visiting cards, folders etc.Keep them at their proper places so that you do not waste half of your time in searching them.

  • Be loyal to your organization. Do not work only when your superiors are around. Remember you are getting paid for your hard work. Concentrate on your own work rather than loitering and gossiping around. Do not waste time by playing games on computer or finding out what your fellow worker is up to.

  • It is absolutely okay to call up family members or friends once in a while but make sure you do not end up in long phone calls while at work. Phone calls and messages are one of the biggest distractions at work.

  • Plan your things well in advance. Do not work just for the sake of working. The first thing an employee should do in the morning is to jot down what all tasks he need to do in a single day against the time slot assigned to each task.

    Preparing a Task Plan right at the start of the day always helps and provides you a sense of direction at work. A “TO DO” List suggests you way forward. Tick off completed assignments. Make sure you finish tasks within the assigned deadlines.

  • Keep a notepad and pen handy. Avoid writing on loose papers. You will never find them when you actually need something. Prefer using an organizer as it helps you plan your work better.

  • Eat only during lunch hours. Eating while working not only makes you feel sleepy but also breaks continuity.

  • Be punctual. Avoid taking frequent leaves from work unless it is an emergency. Make it a habit to reach office on time.

  • Do not keep things pending at your end. Escalate matters immediately which need approval of higher authorities. Do not keep ignoring things. They would create problems for you sooner or later.

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