Conflict Management in Groups

Differences can not only arise between two individuals but involve many individuals in a group. One has to very careful while handling conflicts in a group as if not controlled at the right time can lead to major unrest and severe tensions.

Let us learn more about conflict management in groups.

Never ever implement any idea in a group without discussing with others. One should not impose his ideas on individuals in a group. The thoughts and ideas must be shared with everyone on a proper forum.

Do not discuss one by one, rather invite each and everyone for the same. Address all of them on a common platform. An individual before downloading any information to the group, first himself/herself has to be very clear what he/she expects out of them.

The communication has to be precise, relevant and should not confuse the others. Remember one wrong misinterpretation, and the entire message gets distorted. Do cross check with the group whether they have received the correct information or not.

Always depend on appropriate and reliable sources for communication. The information must be shared through email and cc must be marked to all the participants to ensure transparency among the group members.

A single point of contact must be assigned to a group to sort out the queries. The SPOC (Single Point of Contact) must be easily available and the group members must have an easy access to him. Unnecessarily running here and there is sheer wastage of time and never sorts out any problem.

The group ideally should have like minded people to avoid conflicts. While forming a group, make sure that the individuals have similar if not same likings, thought processes and backgrounds. The probability of a conflict reduces in such cases.

Each member of the group must trust the other member and should have confidence in each other. Never ever just simply start the presentation or seminar; instead begin with greetings and compliments.

Meet everyone with a warm smile and do not forget the handshake. Personal interests must be left out. While taking decisions, no one should be biased and try to see his personal interest first. Never be selfish or ignore the other member. Do not ever underestimate your group member and always listen to his side of the story as well.

Be a good listener and consider everyone’s views and opinions. Don’t always support your friend as it might not go very well with the other person. Appreciate if the other person is right or has come out with a brilliant idea. Correct the other person if he/she is wrong and do guide him properly.

An individual must stay out of criticism to avoid conflicts in a group. Human beings are bound to make errors but you have no right to make fun of his ideas and concepts. Avoid using derogatory sentences in groups. Be a good leader and take everyone along.

A leader should be one who is able to understand his group member well and support them always. Gossip must be avoided as it results in severe conflicts. If you find anything wrong with a member, discuss the issues with him only; never ever tell his friend or spread rumors. The other person will never like it. Be very straightforward but gentle.

Counseling can also reduce the conflicts to a large extent. If any member is upset with the other, make both the members sit face to face to discuss their differences. Never ever provoke any individual to fight, instead make him understand.

Don’t always find faults in your group members, be a little more flexible and adjusting. Always be calm, composed and adopt a positive attitude. Never ever lose your temper and unnecessarily react over petty issues. If the conflict doesn’t involve you but other members of the group, intervene immediately and try to resolve it at the earliest.

Conflict Management plays a very important role in reducing the chances of conflicts in a group and results in better bonding among the members and better output.

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