Check Sheet - A Basic Six Sigma Tool

A check sheet is a simple tool that was once a part of the seven basic tools of six sigma. It is said that check sheet has become obsolete because of the introduction of software which have the capability to record high volumes of data and present them in a format as required.

The check sheet was designed to be immensely simple. This is for two reasons. Firstly it was meant to be a tool for data recording which itself is quite simple. Secondly the check sheet was meant to be used by the people on the shop floor. It would not be very intelligent to expect them to be able to deal with complexity. Hence there was an inherent need for designing the check sheet the way it is.

What is a Checksheet ?

A check sheet is meant to record simple facts and statistics that happen on the shop floor for over a period of time. The sheet is designed in such a way that it has the possible sources of error already written down. Users can add more possibilities. Then they record the data pertaining to the errors on a daily basis. This data can then be used as evidence in brainstorming sessions. A check sheet provides the raw materials that help users discover the problems that they need to know about before they solve them.

What are the Various Types of Check Sheets?

There were various types of check sheets available in the past. This was because the important point for each metric was different. For some defects it was important to find out the times at which they occurred. For certain other defects it was important to find out the location where they occurred so on and so forth.

These tally marks were then used to unearth a pattern which would then suggest possible sources of disturbance as well as help in solving the problem preventing further occurrence.

The Replacement of the Check sheet

Check sheets have now become obsolete. They have been replaced by modern day Business Process Management software. This has enables more complex data to be automatically recorded. The process now depends neither of the intelligence of the human nor on the reliability of the check sheet.

Data is now automatically recorder and can be arranged in whatever manner required in a few clicks. Many software even produce the data in a ready to use graphical format enabling further convenience for the users.

Check Sheet

A sample checksheet showing the problems listed on the left hand side and data pertaining to the frequency of their occurrence in the table

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