Brand Leadership - Building Blocks

A look at the brands and market leaders that have dominated the local as well as Global markets over the past few decades shows us some striking facts.

You will find that at one level, most Companies have emerged and grown at a very fast pace of a few years and have disappeared at the same pace too.

At another level, you will find Organizations that have existed, grown, become global market leaders and brand leaders as well as continue to grow over decades.

Companies like GE, IBM, Xerox, Nike, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Mc Donald’s, Samsung, Apple etc are those global leaders that have continued to grow, change and re-invent themselves every few years keeping pace with the changes in the world as well as the markets.

Ask the Management experts and they will tell you that the two major factors namely:

  1. Organizational Culture, and
  2. Marketing Strategy

play the most important role in making these Organizations the global brand leaders.

Marketing experts are able to identify and explain those crucial aspects of marketing strategy and marketing vision that drives these companies to build world class products and service delivery.

Best product alone is not enough. Marketing experts believe that the secret of brand leadership lies in the value proposition that the brand offers to the customers.

What do we mean by value proposition of a brand?. Value proposition is the total package of product design, quality, performance guarantee, ease of use as well as the service guarantee and the price proposition that the Organizations offers with the particular product.

Value proposition involves meeting with customer expectations and experience that may not be easily identifiable.

To create and deliver the niche value proposition, the Organization needs to be equipped with the right operating model, systems and processes, the right management style, structure and business culture as well as the right business model that can enables the Organization to deliver its promise to the markets.

Beyond embracing the business operating model best suited to deliver the chosen value proposition, the Organization also chooses to embrace certain level of excellence in operations that enables it to consistently deliver its promises.

Brand Building Blocks

A look at the brand and the Organizational philosophy of excellence that drives its value proposition makes for a good study. Companies like IBM, GE & Xerox have always maintained their focus on building product innovation in terms of technological excellence and backed it up with performance and service guarantee.

You will see that when it comes to the customer perception about the proven brand, you will see that the customers take the product quality and performance for granted.

When customers opt for Nike, Sony, Apple or Levis, Phillips or other world brands, they never stop to question their faith in the brand for they know that they can take the product quality and performance guarantee for granted.

Focusing on building this kind of leadership and excellence in the market calls for sustained, focused and planned effort on the part of the Organization, combined with well planned marketing strategy.

This is not a onetime effort, but the Organizations continually keep reviewing and re-aligning their strategy as well as the operations considering the changes in the market, technology as well as all other conditions that affect the business.

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