Benefits of a Career Development System

Career development programs are most effective when they are integrated with the organization’s ongoing training and development strategies. For being able to do this, an organization must have a carefully designed career development system especially designed to meet its own unique needs and requirements.

An automated and well-designed career management system not only benefits organizations but also help employees and managers or supervisors in establishing effective communication with each other.

All the parties gain different benefits and combining which they can together set an organizational culture that supports such types of activities in an organization.

Benefits of a Career Development System to Organization

  • Once organization has a fair idea about employee’s strengths and weaknesses, attitude and behaviour, values and future aspirations and skills and competencies, they are able to make better use of employee skills and put them at the right place.

  • The organization can disseminate all important details and information at all organizational levels in order to ensure effective communication at all levels. It fosters and lays emphasis on better communication within the organization as a whole.

  • It also helps organization retain valued employees by providing them what they want. Since the organization is able to collect all necessary information about a specific individual, it can make efforts to retain them.

  • It establishes a reputation of the organization in the market. More and more working professionals see it as a people developer and get attracted towards it.

Benefits of a Career Development System to Employees

  • The major benefit of career development system to employees is that they get helpful assistance and guidance with their career decisions. They get to know about their own aspirations, objectives and desires and understand how to shape their career.

  • By using this system, they can set more realistic goals and objectives that are feasible to be accomplished over the span of one’s life.

  • It fosters better communication between the employee and the manager as well as at all levels of the organization.

  • The best part is that they can get feedback on their performance. This helps them improve their working style and compels them to upgrade their skills.

  • The process leads to job enrichment and enhanced job satisfaction.

Benefits of a Career Development System to Managers/Supervisors

  • A career development system helps managers and supervisors in improving and upgrading their skills in order to manage their own career. Even they get to where they are heading to and what their aspirations are.

  • It fosters better communication between managers and employees.

  • It helps them in retaining valued employees as they get to know about their skills and competencies and future aspirations as well.

  • It helps in discussing productive performance appraisal of employees and planning their promotions as well as their career graph.

  • It leads to greater understanding of the organization as a whole and cultivate a supportive and conducive culture in the organization.

  • It helps managers in understanding the hidden aspects of employees and guides them to allocate employees the right job that matches to their skills and competencies.

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