Tips for Successful Job Rotation

Job rotation enables individuals to try their skills in other departments as well and gain from the expertise of their fellow workers.

Not every individual is open to the idea of job rotation and feel it is just another waste of time. They are happy doing the same type of work for years as long as they are getting their salaries and are not even concerned with other departments.

Let us go through few tips for a successful job rotation:

Employees do not agree to job rotation as they basically do not understand the process and most importantly the importance of job rotation. They are so happy doing the same type of work for years that they find it extremely difficult to come out of their comfort zone. Since they have friends within their team, they do not like the idea of working with new people in a different department.

A marketing professional would never on his own take the initiative of checking how the IT team works and would always be dependent on them throughout his life.

The concept of job rotation would only be accepted when employees understand that knowledge gained at any point of time never goes waste. You have to understand that it will definitely help you at some point of time in your career if not now.

If you simply ask your sales executive to change his department with the accounts professional he would never agree. The human resource team and to some extent the functional head need to make the employees aware of the importance of job rotation and how would it make them a complete professional.

In our school, though we have decided what we want to be in life but still have to study and also pass other related subjects as well. Even if you want to be a marketing professional in life you still have to study history or geography or any other subject incorporated in your curriculum. The same happens when we start our professional lives as well.

The purpose and objective of job rotation need to be clear and well defined. One needs to find out whether a certain individual would actually gain out of it or is it just another process we have to blindly follow? Job rotation must benefit the individual at the end of the day. It should not be a mere formality. It is foolish to shift an employee to a new department just because he/she is bored with his regular work.

Train employees before shifting them to new departments. Make them clear as to why a change in department was necessary and would eventually help them in their career. Find out whether the organization would benefit out of the job rotation or not?

Carefully monitor the performance of every employee. Divide the employees in groups and assign a mentor for them who can actually guide and help them at every step. Correct them whenever you feel they are going wrong and getting deviated from the actual purpose of job rotation.

Give them feedbacks at every step. Never forget to ask their experiences as well. What is the purpose of job rotation if the individual is not enjoying the work? It will further worsen the situation. If you do not feel the individual is comfortable with the change in department, please do not force him /her to do so. Job rotation should not be a compulsion but an option for the employees. Let individuals willingly volunteer for the same. Trust me, if you force them for job rotation, neither would they understand the importance nor take it seriously. Let them realize the importance and willingly take the initiative.

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