Tips for Team Building in Corporates

Teams are formed when individuals with a common taste come together on a common platform to achieve a predefined target.

In corporates, individuals work in teams to share the workload and responsibilities.

Team work is no longer just a topic to read in management classes, it is essential for the motivation of the team members and increase the overall performance of the team. Individuals coming together to realize a common dream form a team.

The team members should be flexible and compatible with each other to deliver their level best. They would not be able to concentrate on their work, if they are constantly engaged in fights.

Team Building activities are of utmost importance at the workplace for employees to start trusting each other and work as a single unit. Team building activities strengthen the bond among the employees and also reduce the chances of conflicts.

Employees start enjoying their work and feel motivated to accept challenges and responsibilities. Bringing together employees on a common platform and extracting the best out of them is no easy task. One needs to constantly motivate his team members.

Let us go through some tips for team building in corporates:

  • The team leader plays a very important role in binding his team together. He is a constant guide for his team members. He needs to communicate on an open forum inviting all the related members.

    Do not communicate with any individual separately. Prefer communication through emails. Learn the art of writing emails and never use derogatory sentences or lewd remarks in your mail. Do mark a carbon copy to all the team members.

  • Invite suggestions from your team members. This way they feel motivated and important for the team as well as the organization. Ask them to help each other so that they start interacting more often. Motivate the members to assist their fellow workers whenever required.

  • Go out for lunch or movies with your entire team once in a while. Don’t always discuss work with them. Celebrate their birthdays, anniversaries and let them come close to each other. Take them out for picnics for them to open up and discuss things freely.

  • Keep a day separate for team building activities preferably the weekends. Include lots of puzzles, brain teasers and do ask your team members to participate in it as a single unit.

    Give them lots of newspapers and ask them to prepare something creative out of it probably a dress, or some utility item like a bag and so on. You will be surprised to find everyone trying hard to do something or the other as a single unit.

  • Motivate your team members to share responsibilities among themselves at the workplace. Don’t impose things on them; let them happily accept the challenges. They know better what best they can do. Discuss things with them and do take their advice.

  • Always ask your team members to first discuss things among themselves before escalating it further. Employees willingly or unwillingly sit to sort out issues among themselves and reach to a conclusion. Through meetings and discussions, they understand the thought process, attitude and taste of their fellow team workers. They would know how a certain employee would react to a particular situation. They tend to become a little more flexible and also come forward to help each other.

  • Encourage morning meetings at workplace so that all the team members can assemble to discuss the agenda of the day. Don’t make it too formal. Allow them to bring their cups of coffee.

    Be the first one to greet everyone with a warm smile. They would definitely reciprocate. Give them some time to interact among themselves to discuss the movie they watched last night apart from work. Avoid criticizing or blaming others. Ask them to exchange their contact numbers to stay in touch even after work.

  • Team members must take their lunch together at work. Share your food among yourselves. Relations improve this way. Appreciate each other.

Team building activities doesn’t mean entertainment but are simple efforts to motivate the team members to work together towards a common goal. Such activities bring employees close to each other and they start treating each other as their well wishers and friends rather than mere colleagues and acquaintances. Together they work hard to achieve their targets, objectives and eventually their dreams.

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