Role of HR Consulting Firm in Employee Motivation

The most valuable asset of any organization is its personnel and the most crucial driving force for any person is his or her level of morale and motivation. A highly motivated person carries the energy and enthusiasm required to push the projects ahead and reach the pre-determined goals. For any organization, if talented employees are an advantage, then motivated employees is an equal necessity. The attitudes, perceptions, behaviours and viewpoints of people in the organization make a great impact on the working of the company, thereby, directly affecting the growth and success of the organization.

Conservatively, it is considered that it is the responsibility of the administration and managers in the organization to keep the employees motivated. But, this is easier said than done.

With the changing scenario, increasing competitiveness, and high pressures to achieve growth and strategic goals, the administration and managers within the organization find themselves more or less lagging behind in facilitating their employees towards healthy mindset and in creating a better atmosphere in the workplace. They may not be fully qualified in understanding the psyche of the employees and following a non-biased approach in setting up a positively motivating environment in the organization.

This is the reason that many organizations are opting for the services of HR Consulting Firms in order to drive their employees optimistically towards achieving the objectives of the organizations. Such firms also prove highly effective in guiding and training the administration and managers as well, in their pursuit of motivating their employees.

An important method followed by HR Consulting Firms for improving the motivation levels in the organization is by interviewing or getting questionnaires filled by the employees. This method helps in identifying the fundamental requirements of the employees in relation to the motivational impetus.

Another important method for the same is by conducting motivational training programmes and workshops by the HR Consultants. Such workshops and programmes extend to a number of days and sessions covering various topics as per the requirements of the administration.

The various characteristics analysed in by HR Consultants in identifying the gaps in the workplace environment that lead to low motivational levels are:

  • Are the basic needs of the employees satisfied?
  • Do the employees like completing their jobs?
  • Is there a connectivity of the employee with his or her company and job?
  • Accomplishing tasks makes the employees feel good?
  • Do the employees feel compelled to do their jobs?
  • Levels of satisfaction felt by employees while working for the company
  • How interesting and substantial is the work for the employees?
  • Is working a burden for the employees in the organization?
  • How prompted are the employees in leaving the organization?
  • Which aspects of the company do the employees most appreciate?
  • What are the elements that employees would like to change in the organization to make it a better place to work?
  • How healthy is the relation between subordinates and concerned authority?
  • Pressures and compulsions at workplace
  • Ethical environment in the organization

Some of the significant topics that are dealt with during the motivational programmes conducted by HR Consultants include:

  • Attitudes and behaviours
  • Viewpoints - their significance and striking a balance between two varying viewpoints
  • Team work
  • Goal setting - importance and planning for the same
  • Time management
  • Kaizen
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Strategies to win and achieve goals
  • Work ethics and perception
  • Key result areas - identification and planning to achieve them

Thus, with the help of a detailed analysis the HR Consultants identify the crucial areas that are adversely affecting the environment in the organization and hampering the motivational levels of the employees. By meticulously working on these areas and providing necessary guidance to the employees, HR Consultants can facilitate the work of boosting the morale and motivation among the employees.

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