Role of Communication in Overcoming Leadership Challenges

Communication plays a crucial role in not only overcoming challenges in leadership but also strengthening the bond among employees. Bosses need to communicate with their subordinates and guide them whenever required. It is essential for the team managers to remain in constant touch with their team members.

What are the common problems faced by team leaders ?

  • Employees do not listen to them.
  • Bosses are not aware as to what their employees are up to ?
  • Employees do not achieve targets within the stipulated time frame.
  • Employees do not respect them and often lie and bunk office.

The solution to all the above problem lies in effective communication. Being a boss does not mean that you have to adopt a Hitler like attitude and be very strict with your subordinates.

As a boss, you do not have to scare them but make them work as a single unit. Remember, half of the problems disappear when discussed. You just need to sit together, talk, sort out differences and reach to solutions which would not only benefit the organization but also your team.

Most of the times, we take every initiative to solve a problem except discussing the same amongst ourselves. The moment we start talking amongst ourselves, we realize that half of the solution is with us only. Team leaders need to motivate their subordinates to sit together, discuss issues face to face and sort out things among themselves.

Remember, any minor issue left unattended leads to major problems later on. If you feel any of your team members is not doing justice at work, you have all the rights to discuss with the individual concerned. Simply showing employees the exit door is not the ideal solution. After all how many employees you would terminate? At the end of the day, you need people to work and deliver. Even the most stubborn employee would start listening to you, if you sit with him in private and address his grievances.

Initiate the concept of weekly meetings where all employees can come together on a common platform to share their experiences, brainstorm and contribute in strategies and policies.

Leader Communicating With Team

Employees seldom share their problems with their superiors. It is the team leader’s duty to sit with his team, find out their strengths and weaknesses and work on their problem areas. Remember, that you are being appointed as a team manager because your organization feels that you are capable of making your team work.

You can extract the best out of your team members only when you communicate with them on a regular basis. Yes, conversation over the phone and email not always help. Meeting face to face is also important as it gives employees the confidence that their boss is always by their side even during the most crucial times.

You need to make your team feel special about them and develop a feeling of attachment not only with their team but also with the organization. Wish them on their birthdays, anniversaries or any other important occasion. Trust me, they would start respecting you more if you send them a nice birthday card or for that matter congratulate them on their achievements. Never forget to appreciate them, if they have performed well. This would not only motivate them to perform even better next time but also encourage others to pull up their socks and work harder to set new benchmarks.

Discuss with your team members before reaching to any concrete strategy for the team. Every employee needs to have a say in major decisions. Let employees talk, share their experiences, discuss work and also gain from each other’s knowledge.

Communication is an effective tool which would not only make you a popular and favourite boss in the organization but also motivate your team members to love, care and support you unconditionally.

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