Laser Communication System

The various communication modes provide us the various routes and channels through which the data and information can flow among individuals. The individual will never come to know what the other person is thinking, unless and until the information is shared. Communication does not merely mean sharing one’s thoughts. The receiver after decoding the information must respond accordingly and also provide feedback to the speaker. The communication loop has to be complete to make it effective and simple.

Communication can be between individuals, and even between machines. The flow of information can be from a human being to equipment and vice versa. Just like the satellite mode of communication or the optical mode of communication, communication can also occur with the help of Laser and microwave. These are also modes of communication which help in the transmission of signals from the sender to the receiver.

Let us go through them one by one.

Laser Communication System

Laser communication system is another mode of telecommunication which occurs through wireless connections in the atmosphere. Laser communication came into existence in 1960 and since then many advancements have been made in this discipline.

In this mode of communication, the information is transferred through free space. In the laser mode of communication; the signals are transmitted from the wireless transmitter to a wireless receiver without any hindrance or obstruction. Such condition is also called line of sight condition where the signals are transmitted without any obstruction.

Laser diode is the major carrier in this mode of communication. It does not require any kind of wires and cables and hence is not a very expensive mode of communication. This mode of communication is also faster as compared to the other modes and thus is mostly preferred over other types of communication system.

One thing to be careful in a laser mode of communication is that the signals must flow without any hindrance.

Microwave communication system

Microwave communication occurs with the help of microwaves.

Let us first try to understand what are microwaves ?

The radiowaves whose wavelengths can be conveniently measured in small numbers of centimeters with the help of various electronic technologies are called as Microwaves.

Thus a microwave communication is majorly with the help of radiowaves with a small and a measurable wavelength. In this mode of communication, antennas of convenient sizes are instrumental in carrying the radiowaves to facilitate the microwave communication.

Let’s go back to the history to find out more about microwave mode of communication.

The technology for microwave communication came into picture in 1940 in Western Union. After five years in 1945, the first microwave message was sent between towers, one located in New York and the other tower located in Philadelphia.

After the successful transmission of microwave message, this became the most commonly used mode of data transmission. There are two types of Microwave communication. Analog and Digital Microwave communication, where digital is more advanced as compared to analog microwave system.

Both the above are communication types which help in the transmission of signals for the process of communication to take place. Whether it is satellite, or optical, or laser, or microwave their objective is same - the transmission of signals from one party to the other.

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