Importance of Job Rotation, Enrichment and Enlargement in Career Growth

Every individual aspires to grow professionally and reach the pinnacle of success within the shortest possible time frame. No one wants to work at a junior or mid level position throughout his/her life.

Now a days, when the competition is so fierce, people who are multiskilled have better chances of not only getting selected in their dream companies but also earn quick promotions as compared to those who have limited skills.

You will always have an upper edge over individuals who are reluctant to think out of the box and fail to contribute beyond their expertise. Why would your organization give you a promotion or a salary hike if you do not know anything beyond data entry?

Job rotation, enrichment and job enlargement play a crucial role in one’s career growth as they not only prepare employees for unpredictable circumstances but also help them acquire additional skills and gain new knowledge.

Believe me, there is nothing great in doing something which you already know. Challenge lies in working on something which is not your key area. There is nothing commendable if a marketing executive sells organization’s products or services and shares a good rapport with his/her clients. After all, he/she is implementing what all has been taught to him/her in his school or college.

On the other hand, if he helps the hiring team in not only recruiting suitable candidates but also ensuring a healthy culture at the workplace, then definitely his efforts need to be acknowledged and appreciated. Such an individual deserves to get a promotion for his initiative of contributing in some other department apart from his routine work. We all, at some point of time would really love to manage teams or probably open our own firm.

Remember, one should always dream big. Trust me, handling a team would become a nightmare if you lack managerial skills and are not aware of what is happening in your industry on the whole. After handling diverse tasks and multiple responsibilities, one really gets the confidence required to face challenges with a smile and also come out as a winner.

Job enlargement makes you tough and you kind of get used to working more than your capacity. Such a quality helps you survive in high pressure jobs or tough situations where you are expected to not only meet but also exceed your targets in a very short period of time.

What is the difference between a junior executive and top level manager? A junior executive is only expected to follow his superior’s instructions where as a top level manager is expected not only to make his team work but also handle pressure.

Remember, you are not a good boss if you are unable to handle pressure and further pass it on to your team members. An organization would only give you promotion if it feels you will be able to deliver without putting unnecessary pressure on your team members.

Job rotation, job enrichment or for that matter job enlargement teach you to be self dependent. You learn not to crib or complain even in the worst situations and most importantly how to manage time. Trust me, if you master time management skills, you will never ever fail in life.

One also learns how to manage relationships as a result of job rotation or job enrichment. Since you get to work with so many people with varied expertise, you not only gain from their knowledge but also learn how to deal with them. Job rotation, enrichment and enlargement teach you to do things differently.

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