Factors Affecting Employee Behaviour

There are several internal as well as external factors affecting employee behaviour. Let us go through them in detail:

  1. Leadership

    Managers and leaders play an important role in influencing the behaviour of individuals at workplace. It

    is the responsibility of leaders to set a direction for team members. In majority of the cases, it has been observed that employees do not feel like going to work when they have strict bosses. You need to stand by your team always.

    Guide them and help them in their day to day operations and help them acquire new skills and upgrade their knowledge. Make them feel important. As a leader, you need to be a strong source of inspiration for your subordinates. If you do not reach office on time, how can you expect your team members to adhere to the rules and regulations of organization?

  2. Work Culture

    Employees need to feel comfortable at workplace for them to stay positive and happy. Rules and regulations should be same for everyone.

    Employees ought to be encouraged to respect their reporting bosses and follow the code of ethics. Do not have complicated reporting systems.

    Transparency at all levels is essential. You must know what your team member is up to and vice-a-versa. Job security is one of the most crucial factors affecting employee behaviour. Stand by your team at the times of crisis. Do not throw them out during bad times. Believe me, they will never leave you.

  3. Job Responsibilities

    Employees should be asked to do what best they can perform. Do not overburden employees. Encourage them to upgrade their skills from time to time.

  4. Effective Communication

    Managers need to communicate effectively with team members. The moment, employees feel left out, they lose interest in work. They need to have a say in organization’s major decisions.

    Let them express their views and come out with their problems. Grievances need to be addressed immediately.

  5. Family and Personal Life

    Trust me, if you fight with your family members or relatives in the morning, you feel restless the whole day. It has been observed that individuals with a troubled background or problematic family life tend to behave irrationally at workplace.

    Employees who have strained relationships with family members like to sit till late at work and spoil the entire work culture. Individuals from very poor families also have a habit of stealing office stationery and taking things to home.

    Conflicts in personal life lead to stress and irrational behaviour. Also, individuals should try not to bring their personal problems to work. Try to keep your personal and professional life separate.

  6. Relationship at Work

    It is necessary to have friends at the workplace. You need people around to talk to, discuss and share experiences.

    It is really not possible to work in isolation. Not allowing employees to interact with fellow workers leads to frustration and stress at workplace. Avoid arguing with team members.

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